Performance indicators of chemical fibre yarn

(1) chemical fibre yarn count: chemical fiber yarn weight, metric quantity to represent, support number, said chemical fibre yarn of fine, coarse count small chemical fiber yarn. Metric counts 1kg chemical fibre yarn number is how many how many thousand meters. 1kg chemical fibre yarn length 18000m is 18 count. (2) chemical fiber yarn twist: chemical fiber yarn twist refers to the number of twist back to unit length. Twist is a twist, there are two types of twist, one is “s” twist, the other is “z” twist, twist generally refers to: turns/m, count different, different twist, in order to facilitate comparison of different counts of yarn twist, often used “torque multiplier” of the concept. (3) chemical fiber strength and elongation of yarn: chemical fiber yarn strength for the fastness of textiles has a close relationship and productivity, chemical fiber strength is the foundation of fabrics strength and elongation of yarn, and chemical fiber yarn strength and elongation are important indicators of the quality of, you must have the appropriate strength and elongation. Chemical fiber strength and elongation of yarn, from its raw materials and processing, and vary depending on the situation of the fibers. Quality of raw materials, fibers, and twist appropriate chemical fibre yarn strength scalability will also be good. Chemical fibre yarn strength test is divided into two kinds, one is single yarn strength, is a thread of yarn strength. (4) moisture regain of synthetic yarn: polyester yarn 0.4%, 2% acrylic yarn, nylon yarn 4.5%, 5% vinylon yarn, polypropylene yarn 0%, an-VDC copolymer fibers yarn 0%. (5) chemical fiber yarn appearance: appearance of chemical fibre yarn has a big influence on the quality of textiles, not only increased the difficulties weaving, but also uniformity of appearance of fabrics and dyed, therefore, when assessing chemical fibre yarn quality, but also to check the appearance. Common defects affecting the uniform thickness of yarn defects, affect the smoothness and defects such as pollution. (6) method: ZBW52005-87 under the rules of inspection of imported acrylic yarn, yarn and dyeing acrylic bulked yarn ZBW52006-87 the imported acrylic billet inspection regulations.