Persian carpet

Persia is the home of One Thousand and One Nights, it is a time that is inspired by the art has come forth in large numbers of outstanding craftsmen. Hand-woven Persian carpets in the development of civilization in the history of Iran occupies an important position. Hand-woven Persian carpet weaving skills have been 2,500 years of history, generation after generation with the heritage of innovation, the development has excellent design and production levels, carpet weaving the world’s most exquisite skills to become Iran’s long history and Iran’s vivid manifestation of the wisdom of the people. The seventh century AD, the Chinese traveler Xuanzang in his record that the hand-woven Persian carpet weaving arts. As we all know, the best of the world’s most luxurious hand-woven carpets from Persia, and 16 in the seventeenth century hand-woven Persian carpet in the Arts with the support of the royal family to reach a perfect state to begin to enter the world of the most glorious palaces and buildings, these two So that the achievements of the century hand-woven Persian carpets known so far. At the same time, hand-woven Persian carpet-quality, attractive, durable features three all in one, and therefore the world is the only solution. Chinese people’s hand-woven Persian carpet is no stranger, as early as two thousand years ago, on the ancient Silk Road will be a symbol of Chinese civilization in the silk, porcelain, such as the introduction of ancient Persia at the same time, China also began to understand and study on behalf of the Persian civilization The hand-woven carpet weaving skills.

Hand-woven carpet weaving is a complicated process, the Persian artists reflects the extreme patience, perseverance, creativity and artistic taste, each high-quality Persian carpets will need months or years of unremitting efforts to complete. Hand-woven Persian carpet is the most perfect artistic form of expression, “Persian carpet” is the term itself is enough to be up in the clouds. The 18th and 19th centuries of Persian carpets for more than two centuries ago, the simplified version of the early left the fine tradition of making their success into the world of home decorating in the West, Persian carpets and the famous Chinese porcelain, known as the West Asia elegant home The two major contributions to life.

Over the years, hand-woven carpet weaving industry, Iran has always been an important economic pillar industries in the state’s financial position in the foreign exchange earnings, second only to the oil industry and second. However, some of the policies in place for many years is not conducive to the export of carpets. 12 square meters or more high-grade Persian carpets are not allowed to be brought out, the need for a cumbersome process, which is said to prevent the loss of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. Iranians like carpets, rugs on the understanding that it has exceeded its own value, the ancestors passed down antique carpets more treasure, the Iranians entered the home looking at, hanging on the wall, to spread, the collection box All the carpet. Iran in order to know a person’s economic situation and cultural training, often as long as he can be owned by the carpet.

Hand-woven Persian carpet of the main origin
Modern hand-woven Persian carpet is the main source of Isfahan, as a result of Na, Qom, the completion of Rizal, Tabolizi, Ka Sang, Mashhad, Coleman and Hamedan.