Piece dyeing and printing of nylon carpet decorative effect

Department of Tufting carpet carpet surface, down to the first bend yarn, the first direct yarn, the main Quanrong, printing carpet pattern rich, bright color, with Ekemingsi with carpet, large multi-color jacquard Wilton carpet match. Printing materials that carpet, carpet with a flexible, high color fastness, mold, anti-moth-eaten, and other characteristics for the major hotel conference room, restaurant, public areas, such as Office and can be used rooms, office space, and other decorations on the ground.

Department of nylon carpet piece dyeing Tufting bolt of cloth dyed carpets, carpet surface in order to bend the yarn, jacquard Quanrong, the composition of the loop combination, and other means. With a rich design, three-dimensional feeling strong choice, strong adaptability and so on. Nylon carpet in order to piece dyeing of raw materials for nylon, with sound-absorbing Naizang, wear non-slip, high color fastness, mold moth functions, suitable for rooms, office space, offices, apartments, office space, such as computer room.