Play make hand tufted rugs and sofa and bed mix color

Sofas and rugs to match, when the sofa when the color depth, lining a light color of hand tufted rugs, can play a better role against the sofa. At the same time, the hand tufted rugs and also tone coordination on the ground, such as pale yellow wood flooring, you should have a color of the hand tufted rugs with a pale yellow color, this color. Use the hand tufted rugs under the sofa and coffee table, preferably both in the table below and let sofa down around a small edge. The use of the dining table chairs the hand tufted rugs, it is best to let each chair legs on the hand tufted rugs. This avoids chair legs of uneven. In the home does not have a separate dining room, hand tufted rugs can automatically divide up a dining space. In the bedroom you can choose a soft cut pile hand tufted rugs, and then in bed overlay a small wool hand tufted rugs. If plain blanket of paving color depth, best color echoing with bedroom furniture. Bed rug will let my feet does not feel the cold in bed on.