Plush hand tufted rugs care into the bacteria “base camp”

To create a warm and lovely home, many people will think of fluffy hand tufted rugs or tapestry. These practical and beautiful hand tufted rugs or tapestry, to warm the food adds a lot of art. However, if your home with young children, experts suggest it is best not to hand tufted rugs, tapestry hung up because of their breeding ground for bacteria “base camp”. Parents anxious is the hand tufted rugs fault of “our children have recently always breathing difficulties, cough all the time. We took her to the hospital to check, and they knew that children suffering from asthma. How will this be good? Husband and I go home and think for a long time, should finally feel home hand tufted rugs is the culprit. “New year’s day has just passed this year, Lady Guo was anxious to make telephone calls to the public” newspaper hotline “88,869,996, 3 year old daughter was distressed. Enthusiastic Guo also continuously told a press conference, be sure to tell others without the knowledge of parents don’t let plush hand tufted rugs and harm to children. Early in the first half of last year, Ms Guo moved new home, a relative to their House to a few pieces of wool hand tufted rugs. The second half of last year, the cooler weather, she took out hand tufted rugs, shop around various rooms in the House. Ms Guo’s little daughter much like 3 years old is climbing and jumping on the hand tufted rugs, old and recent child suffocated, sometimes rustle with fright. Ms Guo had sent their children to hospital immediately. “What people in your family have asthma? “Respiratory practitioner after a bit of checking the child asked. “There is no. “Ms Guo confused. “You must shop plush hand tufted rugs? “The doctor asks again, Ms Guo only have thought originally afraid of children catch cold in the ground covered with wool hand tufted rugs, may be a bit self-defeating. Plush hand tufted rugs buyers many plush hand tufted rugs, almost all home decoration shop has sold inexpensive two hundred or three hundred dollars, if it is prepared by hand, are much more expensive. Design pattern, soft material, so that these fluffy hand tufted rugs, tapestry become the darling of the winter. In particular new year moving people, much like on the floor or walls of the room and covered many would hang when decorating. More young mother, small feet to protect the baby from being frozen cold floor, ran to the home store specifically selected a few hand tufted rugs home. Carpet look good and useful, but cleaning is difficult. A hand tufteder said, “General family is really no way to wash hand tufted rugs, washing machines fit, laundry I am afraid it is difficult to wash, only the usual vacuum dust. “Rug really trouble. There is also a member of the public, and reporters to his home: “buy when taking into account the white easy dirty, so he selected potato yellow hand tufted rugs, can now also be dirty. “This is true, variegated stains on the hand tufted rugs, tea, Cola, chewing gum can guess before have come here. “Kids all climbed above, can sometimes think it’s dirty. “This master reluctantly shook his head. Interview with reporter learned that, now members of the public house in the plush hand tufted rugs there are basically two kinds of pure wool more expensive, so not many people buy, chemical fiber material more suitable for general household consumption levels. Second children in respiratory Department Shao Shanying said, two plush hand tufted rugs are not suitable for young children, compared to the chemical fiber rug more easily lead to the occurrence of diseases. Doctor recommended plush hand tufted rugs shop’d Shao Shanying doctor said, Ms Guo’s child might be because the mites cause allergies and asthma. “Is the most important breeding mite plush hand tufted rugs. These hand tufted rugs warm, wet, and rarely cleaned, so many bacteria, especially the mite, multiply very quickly. “Shao said the infant respiratory system of good governance is not fully, so particularly prone to allergies, severe also causes asthma. Solution is, plush hand tufted rugs or tapestry in the House completely clean, preferably nothing, nor any of the company commander family pets keeping. “Some children are born allergic to down, parents have to pay attention to. “No children at home, but also people have hand tufted rugs, daily cleanup work also pay attention to the plush hand tufted rugs, refuses to let her live in bacteria” base camp “. Compiled, due to hand tufted rugs, it is easy to absorb dust, contaminated dirt, these dust dirt without time limit, will fly indoors, and is within the human body by inhalation, impact on health. Dirt in hand tufted rugs are unsightly, penetrated the hand tufted rugs bottom, long also breed bacteria, moldy stink. So we have to have the correct set of hand tufted rugs cleaning and maintenance methods. 1, cleaning hand tufted rugs maintenance is an important aspect, so you should choose good quality vacuum cleaners. In addition, the vacuum cleaner to regularly clean, dust bag and filter dust parts such as filters to frequently clean, the only way to ensure better cleaning results. 2, every other month or so, to interim Middle public area of the hand tufted rugs cleaning and maintenance. Use hand tufted rugs cleaning machines or multifunction machine hand tufted rugs cleaning brush, scale hand tufted rugs cleaning agent water injection water tank can be dried. 3, hand tufted rugs used 3 months or so, the stain will penetrate the roots of the hand tufted rugs surface, sprinkled with dust and dirt are hidden under a hand tufted rugs of sand at the bottom. Medium-term intermediate cleaning and maintenance, root can only clean hand tufted rugs surface and cannot be cleaned hand tufted rugs. Therefore, the hand tufted rugs must be the root of the dirt when completely cleared, for heavy stains where repeatable cleaning up until clean. Last water air dry. When hand tufted rugs is not dry, not used. 4, finally add that the Sun is a very good method of disinfection, sterilization, recommend that the public often home hand tufted rugs light sterilization in batches.