Policies in place to seize opportunities for the textile Linqing many broken strokes simultaneously seeking Board

With the international financial crisis on the real economy, the impact of increased international market demand for textiles quickly weakened, domestic market demand has changed. How the difficulty of development, “Chinese cotton batik city” Linqing city of textile industry of the country is the excuse is good policy to actively respond to and seek measures to timely adjust, out of a suitable self-development.


Despite the unfavorable situation, but at all levels of government have issued favorable policies to help companies ride out the storm at the same time, Linqing textile enterprises to strengthen their confidence and insisted on downsizing, do not get, do not stop, according to market changes, to strengthen communication with customers, timely adjustment of product prices, let not the spirit of the principles of the market, stability, customer confidence, work together to tide over the crisis. At the same time, they insist on strict fine management, timely adjustment of product mix, lower production costs, and actively respond to the adverse situation.


Guide enterprises to maintain stability and development


Response to the grim situation faced by the industry, pay close attention to the city government Linqing domestic and international market changes and adjust national policies to seize the industry running posture, timely scheduling analysis. December 2008, Linqing relevant departments carried out a financial crisis situation of the research activities of textile enterprises in order to “investigate the industry report” form, to the city reflect the situation, make recommendations. At the same time, actively guide companies to face up to difficulties, strengthen confidence, capital cash flow, capital markets, security and stability, timely adjust their thinking, find out living space, and increase structural adjustment, development of science and planning to promote the transformation and upgrading. At present, the textile industry has taken shape Linqing a small, medium and large enterprise division of collaboration, complementary advantages and common development pattern industrial gradient reasonable. Overall textile Linqing be strengthened to avoid disorderly competition within the industry and enhance the cohesion of Linqing the textile industry and market competitiveness.


Timely adjustment of product structure


The face of financial crisis to the middle and low consumption of high-grade textile transfer the new situation, Linqing City Textile Association issued a timely warning to enterprises, guide enterprises to change their management thinking, to circumvent the market risks. Zhihai textile company was to spin yarn combed more than 40 business-oriented, in the face of changing market conditions, an increase of 21, 32 combed and carded yarn production, and has also succeeded in the first world customers orders, the company transferred the next day technology, the third day of a product, enhance rapid response capabilities of enterprises. Huitong Textile Group, through a careful analysis of market research, for special user needs, research and development to produce 40 sirospun combing, and other products Overtwisted 50 so as to effectively avoid vicious competition in the low-end market, effectively increasing enterprise competitiveness in the market. Clothing garment companies, Ya-xin textiles companies to actively explore the international market, rely on good reputation, strict quality management and high-quality products have won recognition of Japanese businessmen.


Scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial upgrading


At the face of tough market conditions, Linqing abandoned the former textile enterprises to rely on equipment to fight, to fight price competition strategy, through increased technological input, improve the level of equipment, technology and products, actively respond to market challenges. Huaxing Textile companies to invest 50 million yuan launched combing of 50,000 spindles expansion project has been the main studio building finished, part of the equipment purchase agreement has been signed and successfully put into production, it will effectively improve products, enhance the profitability of the business. Huitong Textile Group, through the transformation of existing equipment, the successful production of pure cotton combed 80 per ton market price rose from 24,000 yuan to 35,000 yuan.


Adapt to the market set up the operation and management mechanism


Luxi Cotton Textile Factory was collectively owned municipal enterprises, because of the management system is unfavorable, the operating mechanism of rigid, given the 150 million yuan of debt, business difficult. For the establishment of advanced and flexible management mechanism to promote business in a difficult situation, the healthy development of the enterprise implementation of the bankruptcy reorganization, the formation of the Jinyuan Textile Co., Ltd. Amasawa. The new company is set up personnel departments to streamline and improve the management system, corporate landscape has changed big. Thought the concept of workers also changed, from “dependent on the state” to “do on their own,” the idea of change, trade unions more cherish the hard-won jobs and become more active. Luxi Cotton Textile Factory after the reform, Linqing original state or collective textile enterprises have been replaced by private or joint-stock enterprises, are requirements of the market economy to build a flexible and highly efficient operation and management mechanism, the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises has increased greatly.


Linqing the textile industry in a difficult situation to maintain a stable development momentum, but the industry itself there are still some contradictions and problems, to be the future development gradually be resolved: First, the relative lack of talent, lack of creative ability, technical training lags, management and relatively low quality of workers, to a certain extent, this has hampered the development of enterprises; Second, independent research and development lags behind, with a high-tech content, high proportion of low value-added products; three are the overall level of textile technology and equipment is not high, and advanced domestic enterprises and developed countries is still lagging behind; are four grades of industry as a whole is not high, brand awareness is not strong, the lack of brand names ring David Card.