Polyester chip prices in the near future Comments

In the upper reaches of the raw material prices generally rose, as well as the tight supply of polyester chip together, this week, polyester chip prices also rose significantly, the current East China market polyester filament Ban Xiaoguang class section of the general offer and acceptance contract prices rebound To 6200-6300 yuan / ton and 6150-6250 yuan / ton, up one week in the range of about 250 yuan.

This week’s PTA and MEG prices were increased by 350-400 yuan / ton and 300 yuan / ton, cost-effective to promote an increase in the price of polyester chip prices. Although the production of polyester manufacturers know that the lower the current prices of the very limited capacity to receive, but also the production of polyester in the near future around the edge of the loss, most of us just barely able to maintain the cash flow it, so prices of raw materials to make polyester production The factory will of the price even more enhanced. From the supply of polyester chip, as a result of the recent operating rate is not high, slicing the stocks are generally low, it said that despite the lower reaches of the limited demand, but supply is limited, from this point, the slice of the price rise has not met To much resistance. Downstream, the section is now spinning factory production ends, with the slice of the price rise in chip production intention of spinning factories also increased, and now the maintenance of the production section of the spinning factories are still the most used now to buy, not the basic raw material reserves, This polyester chip is a significant disadvantage, so this week in a marked increase in the offer manufacturers, many manufacturers in the actual sales are still in the concessions, or accept a longer period of payment accepted.

In the upper reaches of the raw materials market is estimated that up support, polyester chip prices in the near future to maintain a strong possibility, but taking into account the downstream end of textile and textile manufacturers slice of the bearing capacity is limited, PET can not effectively turn for the better.