Polyester filament knowledge introduction

POY:Preorientedyarn/partiallyorientedyarn-orientation. When high speed spinning speed of the 3000-3600m/min, pre-orientation can be made. Under the high wind speed, orientation of the fibers have a certain degree, the structure is relatively stable. DTY::Drawtexturingyarn draw textured yarn. Also referred to as polyester low-elastic yarn, is continuously or on a machine at the same time after drawing deformation process of the finished product. FDY:Fullydrawnyarn fully draw yarn. Nothing to do with the production process, but now widely circulated, will it do to stretch one step process of spinning code, use low speed spinning, high-speed tensile winding, two processes to be completed on a spinning tension combined machine, this low production costs and product quality stability, less hair wire breakage, good dyeing uniformity. DTY fiber is curly, POY and FDY fibers are straight, FDY strength is better, POY strong came close.