Polyester filament market a week (10.17-10.23) Review Quotes

Fujian polyester filament down gloomy market quotations, prices can not tired from last weekend to the present, the average decline in the market to reach 800 yuan / ton, increasing sales of polyester filament light, the actual closing time is still different from the rate of discount promotions. Popular market in the doldrums, factory production and low vibration difficult, as the stalemate in the five levels. And the weight of money in the stock, the factory is extremely fragile state of mind, strong pessimism, having generally bearish trend. At present, the downstream manufacturers to buy up or do not buy the obvious psychological, although slow decline of polyester filament, but the market is still difficult for good, local polyester filament is expected to remain weak market outlook downward. Market Price of all varieties DTY 50D/72F (light net) to 18200-18600 yuan / ton, DTY 100D/36F to 12100-12600 yuan / ton, DTY 300D/96F to 10500-10700 yuan / ton, FDY 50D/24F for 12000 -12500 Yuan / ton, FDY 75D/36F to 11400-11700 yuan / ton.