Polyester market, dealers generally reflect the difficult sales

During the weekend, dealers Polyester market sales reflect the general difficulties, silk prices have Yindie phenomenon. From the spinning factory was informed that although Polyester price promotions, but it is difficult to do production and marketing level. From the trend of variety, FDY Ban Xiaoguang wire 54D, 68D, 75D, as the lower demand for business can be. Most of the water weaving enterprises did not reflect the current orders to do the right fabric, for the time being still on the production of some conventional varieties (such as Dita Fu) to maintain the operation, the larger the amount of the market, such as FDY63D/24F. FDY bright silk big demand to enlarge. DTY75D/36F (network) market demand for better mesh used in the production of warp knitting cloth, Kim Kwang-Rong Deng, weaving on the water needs of the relative deviation, and DTY100D/36F, 150D/48F market volume is still good. POY products 75D/36F, 150D/48F such as downstream demand rounds can be added; and network together with POY demand for the product is still not have preferential trading price so that price. Polyester is expected next week, the overall market will become vulnerable Yindie situation, but space is limited down.

Cation of differentiation silk weak market trends, individual species slightly lower price. Look at the trend from the market, FDY63D/24F, FDY75D/36F the market price of 10,100 yuan fall / ton, 9600 yuan / ton. At present, the upper reaches of CDP slice of raw materials price consolidation, but the lower the purchasing power of poor Affected by this afternoon is expected to wire prices Cationic will also have to adjust. Polyester / polyester composite wire weak overall market, the lower the purchasing power of small, barely maintaining a stable price trend. Price stability in the island composite wire, DTY105D/36F × 37 is moving off the island. T / Kam-market composite wire is not, because of the lower sales of products related materials do not, therefore, the T / Kam composite wire pulling a smaller market, market sentiment shortly after his recovery.

PET: PTA, MEG prices adjusted, semi-light, bright polyester chip prices has not changed, CDP chip, PET bottle chip prices for consolidation. Semi-ray market slicing the spot transaction price of 5800 yuan / ton in March to acceptance, cash in the general mainstream of 5700 yuan / ton. Slice the spot transaction price of light in the 5900 yuan / ton to three months short, the general mainstream of cash in 5800 yuan / ton. CDP slice the market price of spot transactions in 6650 yuan / ton to six months of acceptance. PET bottle chip market in general to the transaction price of 6900 yuan / T. PET chip market may be limited supply.