Polyester market is almost unprecedented by a “sharp fall”

Since entering the last week, the market can be described as polyester is to surprise the industry, there is almost never a “crash”, the price is down a day Needless to say, its rapid decline, Zhijiao Ren is a great loss, in particular, Xiaban Zhou is the beginning of last week, the price of wind is far only difficult, and the speed is faster and faster, the rate is increasing. To fall in a straight line, the market here is the low-cost, the price is chaos on .10 17, Xiao Shao-area manufacturers direct spinning DTY, 150D/48F bid for the mainstream 11600-11700 yuan / ton, a low-cost 11,300 yuan / ton, FDY150D/96F the mainstream of 10,800 yuan / ton or so, POY150D/48F price of the mainstream of 9200 Yuan / ton, but owing to a large area of Jiangsu straight down 1,000 yuan / ton, by a two-day weekend, Xiao Shao, offer substantial decrease in the number is nearly 1,000 yuan / ton, ranged from 400-500 yuan / ton, especially FDY decline much more, on October 19 large direct spinning DTY150D/48F in the mainstream 11200-11400 yuan / ton, lower 10,700 yuan / ton, FDY150D/96F mainstream has been quoted in the 9900-10100 yuan / ton, POY150D/48F mainstream Price in the 8600-8800 yuan / ton, to Oct. 24 Shao Hsiao direct spinning DTY150D/48F mainstream manufacturers in the price of 10,300 yuan / ton, lower 10,000 yuan / ton, spinning slice in the price of the mainstream 9800-10000 yuan / ton , FDY150D/96F mainstream in 9300 yuan / ton, POY150D/48F mainstream in the 7900-8000 yuan / ton in just a few days, silk cumulative decline in the price of 1500 yuan / tons. And compared to the price drop in early July Has been as high as 3500 – 4000 yuan / ton or so of.

For the price of silk so crazy down, the polyester is the main raw material prices also fell in a straight line, a few days ago in the spot market in East China PTA, MEG prices were the mainstream of 5650 yuan / ton, 4100 yuan / ton, slicing the market decline was more turbulent, low-cost Keep that in a recent price of the mainstream of Jiangsu and Zhejiang region to 6800-7000 yuan / ton (of cash acceptance or March) than at the end of 6700 yuan / ton,. Raw silk prices also fell hard to support, but also to see the mentality of the market space, the only difficult to price. Nothing more than the other main reason for the lower reaches of major textile end of the market does not always optimistic, can not afford to have been the main trend, such as September 10 On a year as a golden season, but the lower reaches of weaving factory operating rate is less than 10 months and even then it is still declining, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region is about integrated boot around 60%. And look at the basic market-based air, shipping Polyester Plant , Mainly to reduce inventory, brokers wait-and-see, in order to set off into the lead, for which party is stronger shipments, but the other is a strong wait-and-see, to silk or a price drop and the.

From the recent situation, although some countries have issued favorable policies, such as the textile export tax rebate once again raised a point, and the market is approaching the end of the contract the parties to settle the prices of raw materials will be introduced, together with the price of silk fell by a larger margin is, but Some people in the trade market more than a few days ago that price or more confused and weak yuan is unstable credit market, obviously, rarely seen improvement in the middle and lower reaches, and in November of each year, prices in December are not optimistic, that the end of the market in the near future Although the raw material to the upper reaches of the relative movement of certain key plays, but many think the basic trend in the overall price down temporarily or difficult to stop, but the relative power will decline more slowly ease it down.