Polyester raw materials continue all the way down without any idea of products began to decrease speed

Although the U.S. government stake in the bank in order to save the financial system, but the bank rescue plan has failed to allay the concerns of corporate profits, U.S. stocks rose on Monday after the fall of about 11%, making the market is that demand for energy products may be signs of decline, Tuesday U.S. crude oil futures down more than 2 U.S. dollars, NYMEX-11-month crude settled CLX8 price down 2.56 U.S. dollars or 3.15 percent, to 78.63 U.S. dollars a barrel, trading range between 78.31-84.83 U.S. dollars. In London, November crude oil futures LCOX8 down 2.93 U.S. dollars, or 3.78 percent to settle at 74.53 U.S. dollars. The Reuters survey forecast, on Thursday announced a week of U.S. inventory data showed crude oil and oil product inventories, numerous factors, international crude oil Wednesday e-plate early in the level of 78 U.S. dollars in the vicinity of moving Sasser, but then set to continue diving Breakdown once in 75 U.S. dollars mark. The trend of international crude oil continue to adjust the situation, the polyester market today inertia continue to drop, PTA spot outside the disc offers & P dropped to 770-780 U.S. dollars / ton level in the vicinity to discuss range of 750-770 U.S. dollars / ton level ranging from a part of Hong Kong has come to Hong Kong in the near future or the cargo part of the cash purchase price is still a certain set of access intent, but on the Sailing relative supply is still generally more cautious wait-and-see. Plate with more cash bid in 6500 yuan / ton price to cash or near the Ship, to discuss the actual level of turnover in 6400 yuan / ton, or a bit more the next level.

MEG, the international crude oil prices continued downward adjustment period, petrochemicals market suddenly collapsed aromatics, affected, although some traders She Shi staple operations are also facing big losses, but the face is not levels of the supply shortage of short-term In polyester production and marketing of products continues to hover at a low level, confidence in the polyester plant cover significantly less than most of the time to continue to reduce delays in the procurement cycle, MEG affected by loss of blood marked the spot demand, market confidence has become very vulnerable. One of the lowest in the market following Tuesday heard 5300-5350 yuan / ton around a small number of large single deal, Wednesday morning, though still part of the seller expects to 5500 yuan / ton in the vicinity continue to maintain, but as the market’s confidence in the further decline In the afternoon when all the cash inside the plate to 5300 yuan / ton to move closer to the level of small single-traded S & P also lowered the level of 5500-5550 yuan / ton Ship cash, market sentiment is very tragic. Outside the site also continue a substantial adjustment in general offer the spot in the 670-680 U.S. dollars / ton, to discuss the mainstream of transactions in the 650-660 dollar / metric tons, it was reported that part of the offer buyers have dropped to the level of 630 U.S. dollars / ton from top to bottom.

In the polyester raw materials continue all the way down without any idea of the status quo, the relative decline in their pre-relief of polyester products in the near future and gradually began to speed or acceleration. One afternoon when polyester chip has a lower 8,000 yuan / ton of cash raised from the price in the low to high non-market atmosphere, the emergence of such low it will slice the latter part of the general price to drop this A level near. And earlier this week to PTA, MEG plate with the average spot 6500,5500 yuan / ton from cash accounting to the price, PET current Bijin capital preservation has been the production line in the vicinity, such as pre-and cost accounting or to fall into a loss situation. The concept of polyester filament plate again this week to the mainstream Polyester Factory production and marketing general weakness in production and marketing into a 6-8, only a small number of larger efforts to promote enterprise level can do, and the face of weak sales of the situation, Xiao Shao today, and so on To plant some of the price action began to increase, according to market Xiaoshan has been heard today POY spinning plant products offer two heavy, when the actual sales volume from concessions may range from 100-300 yuan, equivalent to more POY150D/48F Low has been reduced to 9500 yuan / ton in the vicinity, of course, this will only account for the price, such as polyester raw materials in the near future so as to the level of cash accounting, production is still spinning around Qian Yuyuan huge profit margins. Therefore, as a whole, the general trend in polyester raw material adjustment has not yet signs of a reversal, but Polyester still in the production of large floating profit margin, believe that the latter part of the factory price promotional sales to ensure that the action will continue to grow together Ester products, particularly polyester filament, and so the latter part of the decline is still not a small space.

Polyester and polyester micro-industry in the steep fall at the same time, as a result of lower demand for textile exports, the RMB exchange rate fluctuations and other factors, in 2008 China’s textile industry export difficulties, and in a lot of negative news dance all over the place, whether on the textile industry to improve The export tax rebate rumors started again. According to one part of the media reports, parts of the textile industry has called on the Government should pay back the value-added tax from the current 13% to 15% to 17%. In July this year, China will have to raise the export tax rebate rate of 2%, but still can not stop the slowdown in export growth. This year’s first eight months of the textile export increased by only 9.3 percent, while 19.3 percent increase over the same period last year. “Since China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, textile export growth rate has never been so low,” the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Under-Secretary-General Zhang Xian said, “Now for the textile industry is the worst time.” In the first half of small and medium-sized Chinese Credit crunch faced by textile mills, combined with lower demand, rising raw material costs, two-thirds of the domestic textile mill at a loss, and the industry’s crisis by the collapse of small and medium-sized enterprises into industry leading enterprises as a result of funds and emerging-strand break The closure of bankruptcy. The textile industry in China as a traditional industry is also very close to the livelihood of the industry, the industry believe that the ensuing reshuffle in-depth step-by-step, the Government should consider taking additional measures to help the textile industry to tide over their difficulties, including the possible measures, including raising the export tax rebate, of course, For the time being it is concerned not only raised refund appear in the short term is “can never quench the thirst.”