Polypropylene rugs carpets

Polypropylene is becoming widely used in carpet manufacturing, either as part of a blend, or in its own right. While it withstands footfall well, it is not as resilient as other fibres and can look dingy when soiled. As far as cleaning goes, polypropylene is easy to care for although it does scar if exposed to flame. Polypropylene is a good choice if budgets are tight.

Olefin carpet fiber is strong, resists wear and permanent stains, and it is easily cleaned. It is notably colorfast because Color is added in the fiber production. It resists static electricity and is often used in both indoor and outdoor installations because of its resistance to moisture and mildew. It is used in synthetic turf for sports surfaces and in the home for patio and game rooms. Many Berber are made of Olefin.

polypropylene carpets rugs

Standard Product:
Pile weight:500g/m2
Pile height: 4mm
Surface: Loop Pile
Backing: Non-slip Gel Foam
Total weight: 1000g/m2

We have the ability to do patterns according customer’s instructions.More details,Please contact Emil Christensen.