Premier Wen Jiabao on November 5 presided over a State Council executive meeting

Premier Wen Jiabao on November 5 presided over a State Council executive meeting decided to implement a proactive fiscal policy and moderate monetary policy, the introduction of more effective measures to expand domestic demand, accelerate the people’s livelihood projects, infrastructure, ecological environment and post-disaster re – To build and improve urban and rural residents, especially low-income groups, income levels, to promote stable and rapid economic growth. Ten out of the meeting, though not a direct measure for the textile industry, but with the investment policies and the implementation is bound to promote growth in domestic demand, growth in demand for textile products will certainly have a stimulating effect.

The meeting is introduced measures to sell fast, heavy punching. Listed companies Huafang Textile Co., Ltd. Li-Min Wang, general manager, said: “This year’s tsunami in the international financial and stock market downturn of the dual effect of, we received a severe test. Central to the package of measures to revitalize the Chinese economy, the enterprise is The major long-term positive and give us clear direction, firm in our confidence to move forward. “Guangdong Province Silk Textile Group chairman Choi shouted at the news that” the policy finally landing. ” Cai said loudly, after the national export enterprises can look forward to further improve the export tax rebate rate to speed up the approval of the export tax refund procedures, to speed up the return of funds. “Now the country must follow the general direction of the left.” Cai said loudly, followed by Guangdong Silk Textile Group in domestic sales and on independent innovation to further great efforts.

China National Textile and Apparel Council spokesman Sun Huaibin said that dozens of measures reflects the macroeconomic policies of major adjustment, which is not only to fulfill our commitment to the international community to do a good job in China’s economy to contribute to the economic stability of the international action, but also to ensure that domestic Economic growth, the economy down to prevent the risk of effective measures.

Sun Huaibin of the view that independent innovation and speed up structural adjustment and this is very important, the textile industry which is the main line of work. In addition, the full implementation of the reform and transformation of value-added tax to encourage the technological upgrading of enterprises, reduce the burden on enterprises, as well as to increase financial support to economic growth, and the lifting of commercial restrictions on the size of bank credit, small and medium enterprises and increase investment in technological transformation, mergers and acquisitions of credit Support measures to reduce the tax burden on the textile industry will help enterprises to increase investment and accumulation.

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Sun Huaibin banking institutions hope that the correct understanding of textile SMEs in the national economy status and role of the textile enterprises to increase support. In addition, the recent reduction in energy-saving aspects of the task of increasing the textile industry, the introduction of measures to strengthen the national ecological environment against a background of positive action to further promote the construction of environmental protection enterprises in a bid to support the policy.

Ten of the State Council promulgated the expansion of domestic demand and economic growth measures are as follows: The first is to speed up construction of housing security. Second, to speed up infrastructure construction in rural areas. Third, speed up the railways, highways and airports and other major infrastructure. The fourth is to speed up health, culture and education development. Fifth, to enhance the ecological environment. Sixth, speed up innovation and structural adjustment. Support the construction of high-tech industry and industrial technology, to support the development of the service industry. Seven is the earthquake-stricken areas to speed up reconstruction work. Eight is to improve the income of urban and rural residents. Nine in all areas, the full implementation of all the industry value-added tax reform and restructuring to encourage technological upgrading of enterprises, reduce the burden on enterprises 120,000,000,000 yuan. Is the tenth increase the economic growth of the financial support. Preliminary estimated that the implementation of the project, by the end of 2010 to about 4 trillion yuan of investment. In order to speed up the construction progress, the meeting decided that the increase in the first quarter of this year, four arrangements of the Central 100,000,000,000 yuan of investment, next year ahead of time post-disaster reconstruction fund 200 billion, and the local community to promote investment, the size of the total reached 400,000,000,000 yuan.