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Carpet has good multiple. that to see you select of is what of tibetan rugs. General has. hand weaving tibetan rugs. cluster cashmere tibetan rugs. square tibetan rugs. color printing tibetan rugs. ya home tibetan rugs. Wilton tibetan rugs. akesimingsi tibetan rugs. regardless of is floor, and tibetan rugs, and tiles are is divided into high middle and low of, so is difficult to defined price select material main is see practical has, should for three species material of features, made select tiles not afraid water, and not afraid oil, is comparison durable type, but warm degree can on enough has, with in home of room in on does not too suitable, up to with in living room, and restaurant regional (kitchen, and toilet certainly with anti-sliding brick, this does not required more statements). Warm the floor, not so cold, high grade of solid wood flooring, feet feel good, but maintenance easy, easy to be hard hit. Diamond plate price low, easy maintenance, is the sense of feet and grade of fewer people in the tibetan rugs used enough, especially in public, unless it is a luxury hotel. Because clean is very difficult, I’ve seen a chafing with the rug, then say how evil evil. Select the tibetan rugs in the bedroom, home tibetan rugs, health is not very dirty, go for cleaning can half a year, and the sense of the foot, not to mention, absolutely enjoying