Price stability is expected in the trend of weak

Lining fabric: the past week, is expected in volume last week compared with the flat trend in prices is expected weakening of the stability, which, Terri cloth-lun and last week lowered the price 0.03-0.05 yuan / m. Dita Fu lattice fun at the recent shipments, 210T off the market move significantly, the lower reaches of weaving balance production and sales, price movements were also “stabilize” the situation. For example, 170T, 180T, 190T Dita Fu prices remained at last week’s 1.10 yuan / m, 1.20 yuan / m, 1.30 yuan / m; bombs and a half Chun Yafang sales is relatively stable. 5 satin on the market this week, a unique trend, showing a “volume up” the situation. Jacquard, is also expected to have performed pretty well, especially woven cations silk jacquard, as expected, the market expected a lot of hyperchromic. Warp in the sub-mesh cloth market, although trading volume is not, however, a number of orders being pushed out, mainly for sportswear. According to the survey, the current rate of production and marketing material about 80% in gray cloth material inventory figures, the cost point of view in November, compared with basically the same, the lower reaches of weaving to maintain profit margins in the production line is expected next week, the market will feed into the smooth adjustment .

Fabric: the past week, although the fabric market of foreign trade volume of orders is not much, but the domestic market better. From the varieties of transactions, “Taslan” series Jindi peach-skin fabric and a better sales, of which, Taslan plaid fabric is more popular. Jet fabric of the market share itself has expansion, but the market very small spot trading orders based not only listed species, “Jinmian” series, there were silk woven products and all-cotton woven products, cotton stretch fabrics, such as ammonia Recently, foreign businessmen to see what orders have increased, for example, a twill “rich velvet,” a more dynamic market sales, prices in gray cloth 6.60 yuan / T, is said: The main products sold in Haicheng, Liaoning, Wuhan, as well as weaving, children’s clothing production base. Warp knit fabric of short plush shipping market in recent frequent, more good news is that this fabric has been widely used in the production of toys. Oxford cloth bags shipped to market. The mainstream of the market-wide bomb Chun Yafang, peach-skin fabric was “polarization”, plain product sales continue to shrink; and jacquard, to be peach Twill Tigray and Chun Yafang, and other product sales has been relatively stable. Recently, the market simulation silk fabrics have begun to spotlight, chiffon jacquard, and other complex such as new products, but in the lower reaches of the demand has not yet emerged. Ni Sifang the overall fabric of sluggish sales, lower prices. From the fabric of the entire market situation, the fabric market because of foreign trade volume of small orders. Market outlook is expected to be smooth fabric market-based consolidation.

Note: At present, Haining, as of Wujiang area for aircraft fell Kaiji Shuai fell about 54 percent. Kai Jilv air-jet looms in 58%. Computer embroidery business after finishing a slight reduction in the processing business can coating, surface oil processing busy calendar, flocking processing industry increased.