Purchasing tibetan rugs note color coordination with the home environment

In General, the plain and there is no pattern of tibetan rugs stains and footprints revealed more easily; cut pile tibetan rugs plot is usually emerges in blanket of dust on the surface, show the dirt, but dust dirt easily cleaned, and cashmere are easy at the end of tibetan rugs dust, more difficult to clear. In direct sunlight or damp place, should pay attention to tibetan rugs is faded and stale. Quality tibetan rugss do not fade, anti-mildew, moth and not to continue burning processing guarantee. When you purchase artificial or synthetic tibetan rugss, be aware of whether provided by the manufacturer to prevent dust and dirt, abrasion resistance, electrostatic control assurance. General quality household tibetan rugs, have to undergo a wear-resistant, antistatic, anti-fouling treatment. To the shops when buying tibetan rugss, to obtain specimens to paved space of reference, because in a different light, seen tibetan rugs color will be slightly different, shop the best specimens in the actual use of space under the effect of the light source, and after laying the tibetan rugs in the whole block, often a model somewhat shallow, select when you want to be taken into account.