Pure wool tibetan rugs moth method!

In General, the insect parts difficult to students in the middle of the tibetan rugs, and 0.3-1 m around the corner and insect parts easily, because this site does not often tread pressure, in contact with the ground has a certain space, dust and air, tibetan rugs insects to survive. However, pulling all parts of the tibetan rugs there is the potential of insect. This is because there are gaps between transit line behind this tibetan rugs, can still flow into the air after contact with the ground’s sake. In addition, wood tibetan rugs than on the tibetan rugs shop in shop in cement, tile, terrazzo floor tibetan rugs easier insect. The reason is that wood floors easy to absorb moisture, which gives bugs the growth conditions. Furniture tibetan rugs below parts of the site is also to remove the worm. Prevents tibetan rugs insect, its approach is: 1, keeping tibetan rugss clean and dry. Carpet after one year, should be moved to outdoor knock dust, air drying, but do not exposure. Carpet shop available again, the ground should be cleaned. 2, tibetan rugs shop with two or three years later, to use chemicals to clean again. After wash tibetan rugss, shop if they continue to use, clean the shop floor. 3, the best wood floor waxing, after two or three days to go and then sprinkle a layer of health sphere on the floor and tibetan rugs. 4, when storing tibetan rugss should be evenly sprinkle some on the tibetan rugs and health spheres, tied and then wrap up well in a ventilated place. Best on the ground a half meter to one meter high places.