Qianqing raw materials to achieve turnover of 28.179 billion yuan market

The author learned from relevant departments of Shaoxing County, Shaoxing County last year, two major textile markets in the professional background of the global financial crisis still to produce a more satisfactory “report card”: China Textile City market last year, the total turnover of 634.5 billion, an increase of 10.4%. Which the fabric market turnover reached 35.274 billion yuan, an increase of 6.19%; Qianqing raw materials market turnover of 28.179 billion yuan, an increase of 16.06%.

Observers note that the turnover of China Textile City continue to maintain growth in the market mainly due to steadily push forward the upgrading, the market size continues to expand, at the same time, the market to speed up structural adjustment, multi-variety, small batches, specialization become the new direction of trade , a large number of high value-added products, online trading has become a new growth point in online transactions last year, turnover reached 1.4 billion. In addition, by the light and textile industries, “the six countries” and other policies to stimulate the pull, the whole market losing confidence in the ability to resist risk operating households also increased.