Raw bamboo fiber

In recent years, domestic and international researchers on the development and application of bamboo fiber and textile products have made significant progress, but still at an initial stage. At present, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries as well as some domestic enterprises can only use chemical treatment method for the production of bamboo pulp viscose fibers and textiles. Zhuzhou Cedar company research and development of bamboo fiber textile and clothing products is using a unique process directly from the bamboo in the isolation of natural bamboo fibers, contains no chemical additives, is a true sense of the natural environmental protection fiber textile products. At the same time in spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing a series of key process achieved a major breakthrough on the issue developed pure luxury fabrics and bamboo cotton bamboo fiber, bamboo and hemp, bamboo series such as silk, bamboo and polyester blended fabric and apparel products. Because the bamboo is the Evergreen plants, grown in the mountains in the nature of, and very few contaminated by pesticides and other hazardous substances and, therefore, using bamboo as raw material production of bamboo fiber with a nontoxic, pollution-free features, compared with other fiber has incomparable advantages. Detected by microscopic, bamboo fiber with countless micro-grooves on the surface, its cross section dissatisfaction on the large and small gaps, these grooves and gaps, as if you were a capillary, moisture absorption and evaporation in a moment, therefore, is called &quot by experts; breathing fibers “. With this kind of natural bamboo fiber textile fabrics and clothing products, not only has a good strong Hygroscopicity, breathable, soft and delicate, smooth, have a sense of cool and bright, wear resistance, colorful, drape well, while anion, with features such as antibacterial, odor, health, is the best of summer clothing fabrics preferred. In the international setting off ” green ” helped by consumer trends, bamboo fiber textile products have become a world famous &quot textile fabric; new favorite “, become this century’s prospect of health materials. The product is State fiber inspection service, the State Forestry Bureau, Donghua University, Central South forestry University Professor over more than 10 expert organizations such as the acceptance of new product appraisal, agreed that the outcome is a national initiative, is the leader in the international community, it marked the application of bamboo fiber in the field of textiles and garments in China made a major breakthrough. The unique product not only technology, advanced technology and low cost of raw materials, bamboo growing short, a three-year cycle and, therefore, bamboo resources are inexhaustible. According to the materials, the area of 2.7 million hectares of Phyllostachys pubescens in China are of bamboo resource-rich countries in the world. This product development success, on the development and utilization of bamboo resources in China, to promote the upgrading of State forestry industry is of far-reaching significance, its immeasurable social and economic benefits, the market prospects are very broad.