Rug common dirt and skills

¢Ù blue ink, ink stained tibetan rugs cleaning tibetan rugs, cheerful grain immediately rub, then with a neutral detergent, such as cleaning detergent solution. ¢Ú red ink stained tibetan rugs immediately wash with alcohol, with a neutral detergent wash. ¢Û Chen, leaving ink stains on the tibetan rugs, the first milk will wet dirt, then repeatedly cleaning with a brush dipped in milk. ¢Ü covered with grease stains on the floor, brush dipped in brine or gasoline cleaning available. ¢Ý shoe Polish, paint stained tibetan rugss available banana oil or gasoline scrub, use neutral detergent to clean again. ¢Þ bloodstains dirty tibetan rugss available cold water scrubbing, then rubbed with salt or lemon juice. Cannot use hot water, blood will be solidified glue heating. ¢ß coffee and tea stains dirty tibetan rugs can be used Glycerin coating contamination, then wipe with a cloth warm water, and finally use neutral detergent to clean. ¢à soy sauce, vinegar, milk, ice cream, beverages and other dirty tibetan rugss, start lessons after wiping with a cloth warm water, then wash with alcohol. ¡é¨¢ fruit stain stained tibetan rugs, available around 8% concentrations of ammonia at the soggy dirt first, then with a brush dipped in the ammonia water cleaning. 10 there is dust on the tibetan rugs, brooms can be after immersion in soapy water tibetan rugs Sweeper, sweep, and keep brooms of moist, and then sprinkle with fine salt, then with a broom cleaning, final clean cloth. Or wrung the immersion in water after the old sheets, covered above the rug, then with sticks beat, on dust is adsorbed on a damp cloth. Specially rug neutral SOAP liquid with a boiling water and add 1 tablespoon of borax dissolved, when temperature drops below 60 ¡ã c, and then put the tibetan rugs into immersed in 3-4 hours, and then gently rubbing wash in warm water fishing into the 40-50 ¡æ , and finally with Wen Qing water rinse clean, if can not wash the net pollution, xiaomao brush dipped in a bath of polyester available liquid Scrub gently.