Rules will be introduced to revitalize the textile industry research under way in spring

According to “China Business” report, the China Textile Industry Association is organizing a spring to carry out industry-wide research, research is completed, its findings and recommendations will be directly submitted to the State Council, and become a “planning the revitalization of the textile industry” (hereinafter referred to as “Conditions”) the first draft.


It was revealed that the textile industry will focus on the recommendations of the Association, and strive to improve the export tax rebate again this year by two percentage points to reach 17 percent, helping solve the problem of financing small and medium-sized textile enterprises, such as substantive issues.


According to an interview, as of February 26, a number of research groups have not been back to Beijing, only a few from the western region research group completed a research mission, and the formation of a preliminary results.


Textile Industry Association, said Yang Donghui, vice president, because of the current research results around the aggregate is still in the stage, so no particular details can be released, “but to help improve SME financing and the export tax rebate questions sure to be an important aspect of rules. “