Russian textile market for the increasingly strong demand for textile products

In recent years, the economic situation in Russia as a significant improvement in people’s income rising, the market’s increasingly strong demand for textile products, which not only promoted the development of Russia’s domestic textile industry, but also contributed greatly to the prosperity of the textile import market, is expanding in China Russian textile exports as a good opportunity. The Russian market’s growing demand for home textiles, but also attracted a large number of Chinese businesses.

China’s exports to Russia to occupy the fabric of geographical advantages. China-Russia boundary line as long as thousands of kilometers, there are many good conditions for the important border crossings. China’s exports to Russia have a certain basis, and have good momentum of development. Russia is China’s cotton cloth, knitting cloth, man-made fiber textile fabrics, such as the one of the major suppliers in recent years, Russia’s imports from China of textiles and clothing each year in order to increase the rate of 13%. In addition, in order to prepare Russia’s accession to the WTO, has accelerated the pace of reform, particularly that Moscow welcomes Chinese enterprises to operate for Chinese textile enterprises and trade cooperation with Russia to provide a good environment and more opportunities.