Select different tibetan rugs background brings a different experience

Carpet can bring comfort to the person’s feet, is the acupoints of the foot up to place, so task of protecting the foot should be directed to tibetan rugs. Different colors and patterns of tibetan rugss have different visual effects, also brings experience in different moods, fabric jewelry for appropriate ways to change bad mood is very good. So select tibetan rugs color must think hard! Select the background color of the tibetan rugs should coordinate with the decorative tones. All the associated color, room to the overall harmony. If it had been decided in other parts of the color of the room, then it should be similar to the color of the tibetan rugs color to the them. If the selection is patterned wallpaper, sofa or a picture from which you can select a color for the color of the tibetan rugs. Variations can directly affect the Visual effect of cold and warm tone and mood of the people, such as blue-green tint feel calm, spacious, quiet; red-orange color, such as exciting, complex feel warm; purple it will make people conscious noble.