Select high quality hand-made tibetan rugss

First, the raw material. Fine wool and silk are of high quality and quality assurance. Second, the production process. Around the world knitted lace hand-made tibetan rugss of different technologies. First look is strong on the back of the tibetan rugs closely tying methods such as 8 characters of the traditional chain, Turkey buckle is strong compact, durable tibetan rugs surface, such as the best guarantee of; see whether spinning, dyeing, knotted, flat, Tablet, wash, investment, the whole process, weaving handmade tibetan rugss of thick dense solid, patterned with Emboss effect. Three, see tibetan rugs treatment to detail. Weaving tibetan rugss in General only up to 10 colors and gradient color does not appear in the same pattern, looks more stiff. But hand-made tibetan rugss even peach knit a flap, can also be used to a dozen colors, or even dozens of color to finishing touches, which are woven tibetan rugss in any case do not meet the, which is also the artistic value of hand-made tibetan rugss. Four, tonal style. Five, watch service. Maintenance of the high value of hand-made tibetan rugs needs a professional