September 16 Shengze polyester filament market dynamics

September 16, Shengze Disi wait-and-see market sentiment remains strong side, the species is still trading more fragmented, but the actual turnover, there are still promotional concessions. Shengze region has been spinning a large bright FDY Pudie, 50 D/24F pricing in 13,600 yuan / T, spinning other small enterprises through the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday price cuts after today’s basic pricing remain unchanged. Tongxiang POY Price provisional unchanged, the actual sales were still concessions.

From the dynamic products, DTY products on the market overall stable market weakness, a number of relatively high initial pricing of products, operating companies also have a promotional price for a phenomenon, so that prices in the range 100-200 yuan / ton about sales, the market DTY150D / 48F DTY Heisi sales and fair. FDY wire sales showed sales of rough-wire situation, 150 D of product sales fair. POY sales slump, downstream processing enterprises to bomb the demand for POY little fight with POY network needs to show inadequate. Weaving the current downstream, and business-to-Disi bombs spot weaken the intensity of the intention to purchase, most manufacturers Disi-production and marketing can do, plus accumulated upstream raw materials prices fell to expand, cost pressures affected silk prices, is expected to short-term prices will also be Disi Market trends are down.