Shandong Province, parts of the cotton market

By October 15 in Shandong Province at a large textile group dropped significantly affect the cotton price, currently in Shandong Province in parts of the continuous price decline. Ning: According to Shandong on October 15 at a large textile group of 3-adjusted price of lint 12,100 yuan / ton, the price of cottonseed 0.90 yuan / jin terms, seed cotton price discount in the 2.50 yuan / jin, the pre-acquisition volume of cotton Rate of serious losses, 15 in the afternoon, there are 16 local enterprises to suspend acquisition of cotton.

Dongying: Recently, a larger reduction in local seed, this week has dropped to 0.88-0.93 yuan / jin, 3 seed cotton price in the 2.80-2.85 yuan / jin, but there is no price the city, farmers can not accept the current seed cotton Hard Trading in a Dream and the price, most of the cotton prices and avoid risks to suspend some of that cotton prices are not optimistic about the market outlook, and so on plans to stabilize the market after the acquisition. In addition, the amount of seed cotton picking has reached about 80%.

Kim Heung: the recent rebound in the local temperature, the highest in the 28-30 degrees Celsius, picking cotton amounted to 70%, cotton farmers in the household deposit 1000 – 5000 ranging from catty. At present, due to lint and cottonseed price drop Qi, Hard Trading in a Dream cotton, cotton prices have to close unprofitable suspension of only 1-2 at home there are orders to buy cotton prices persist, and that stopped after the completion of orders received. Oct. 16, 3 local seed cotton price for the 2.9-2.92 yuan / jin (39-40% of lint>, the resurgence of 9.5 percent); cottonseed price of 0.92-0.94 yuan / jin; 329 gross ginned cotton delivery prices for 12,100 Yuan / ton (1.3% Hanza, the resurgence of 8.2 percent, with no votes, cash).

Heze: cottonseed price of 0.95 yuan / jin. Weakness in the cotton market and cotton prices, most of the suspension of the business, wait and see. Xiajin Texas: Although the new cotton picking has been completed, cotton prices have continued to fall, Hard Trading in a Dream cotton, cotton purchase volume is not big business, part of the suspension of the enterprise.