Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition, held in June next year

The history of China’s oldest, has a national brand of independent innovation of the Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition will be in June 2009 12-15 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, held a grand and usher in the twenty-fifth anniversary show Jubilee. Exhibition is expected to reach 120,000 square meters exhibition area, more than 1500 exhibitors.

Show since 1984 every single year held in Shanghai has been committed to the world’s largest, the most important textile machinery and textile market to provide the best possible equipment, technology and information exchange platform, and with the development of China’s textile industry. Expo 2009 will be full use of Shanghai New International Expo Center of the East-West Wing branch to display the knitting, hosiery, printing, dyeing and finishing, such as machinery, textile chemicals, spinning, nonwovens, industrial fabrics, weaving machinery and parts.

The new tax policy to enhance confidence in the industry

As we all know, in order to regain the confidence of the market to help enterprises out of the haze, the state promulgated a series of new taxes governance measures. They are: China’s Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on October 21 jointly announced that from November 1, 2008 increase in 3486 of goods from the export tax rebate rate, pure China’s Customs Tariff in respect of all the goods of the total number of 25.8 percent, including sewing machines products, the export tax rebate rate from 9 percent to 11 percent; In addition, November 11, the State Council promulgated a 10 measures to expand domestic demand, the most concern since January 1, 2009 onwards, in all regions of the country all sectors, the implementation of value-added tax reform, restructuring, and its main content is: “allows businesses to offset the new purchase of equipment contained in the value-added tax at the same time, the abolition of value-added tax exemption for imported equipment and foreign-invested enterprises purchasing domestic equipment VAT refund policy to small-scale tax person’s value-added tax collection rate reduced to 3% of unity. ” This is in the industrial structure adjustment and transformation of the textile and garment industry is of great significance, all kinds of textile enterprises will generally benefit, while the textile machinery manufacturers are also positive, because equipment procurement enterprises to increase the purchasing power may increase equipment renewal efforts, so as to promote sales of equipment.

Based on the industry to grasp the status quo and demands of the market deep concern about the 2009 Shanghai Textile Fair will be more professional, technical, and quality service for the features, aimed at the broad masses of the textile enterprises to introduce new technology, new products, enhance brand , in market value in return to build an efficient business platform. 2009 coincides with the twenty-fifth anniversary exhibition, the organizers will increase publicity and promotion efforts and depth, extensive invite more domestic and foreign trade, industry giant, the Association for the support and participation to meet the needs of exhibitors and buyers, the promotion of domestic textile machinery and technological progress and development.

Event attracted wide attention for 120,000 professional visitors

As the world’s attention the industry event, the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition is expected to attract 120,000 professional visitors, and more than 40 countries from buyers at home and abroad gathered here, with more than 1,500 domestic and international exhibitors to join hands to create business opportunities, the establishment of a textile industry and its user industries of trade, technology and market the best platform for the exchange of information, creating more business opportunities.
Thirteenth session in 2007 show a total of ushered in 42 countries and regions at home and abroad about 11 million viewers, more than 3 more than a thousand overseas visitors from India, Japan, Pakistan, the United States, South Korea, Bangladesh, Vietnam , Iran, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Uzbekistan, Thailand, 42 countries and regions, and at the same time received from India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia and Vietnam professional buyers groups.
Fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition will be Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Corporation, China International Trade Promotion Committee and the Shanghai branch of China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored by Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Textile Technology Service Exhibition Center and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. to co-host, Shanghai Xin Textile Technology Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huafang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Beijing Exhibition Accor Services Limited.