Shengze, Jiaxing two Polyester market as a whole dynamic market

Weekend days, Shengze, Jiaxing two Polyester market trend of the overall market remained stable, trading volume and somewhat lower compared to Friday. Prices, in addition to the mainstream Shengze FDY plant raised 100 yuan / T, the other direct spinning plant and slice-based textile factories still smooth.

Look at the trend from the species, as there are still sporadic warp demand, FDY54D/24F, 75D/36F and Strong Net Polyester DTY75D/36F72F continue moving sale, market trends remain stable, but the mainstream varieties FDY63D/24F sales still weak , as well as conventional DTY varieties are very poor sales. FDY big bright silk 50D, 75D, also dynamic marketing. POY150D/48F, 200D/96F Dan specifications, such as coarse varieties generally unwilling to readily allow the price. Although there are moderate downstream before stockpile preparation business, but a great majority of them will stop purchasing, in the role of polyester raw material costs, the short-term price in order to smooth varieties Polyester-based firm, of course, does not rule out a number of best-selling varieties Dixin moderately priced silk mention the possibility.

Cationic differentiation smooth silk market trading volume, price movements of individual rough Dan FDY slightly higher, and stable prices for most products. FDY63D/24F, POY75D/36F market price of 9900 yuan / ton, 9300 yuan / ton. In contrast FDY63D and sales DTY150D barely moving. Cation is expected to wire the whole afternoon will have to adjust prices. Polyester / polyester composite wire is not sold, prices will remain stable market. Polyester / Polyamide composite wire, wire island to further reduce sales, pricing barely unchanged, but the actual transactions will still have to allow for fare increase. With the traditional Spring Festival approaching, the vast majority of textile factories closed down, shortly after the three major wire short sales also will go.

PET: PTA, MEG prices are temporarily stable, semi-light, big bright polyester chip prices stable, CDP slice, PET bottle chip prices as temporary stability. Semi-dull slice the market price of spot transactions 6350 yuan / ton in March to the acceptance, cash in the mainstream of the general 6250 yuan / ton. Bright spot slice of ad valorem in 6400 yuan / ton to three months short, cash in the mainstream of the general in 6300 yuan / ton. CDP slice market price of spot transactions in 7300 yuan / ton to six months of acceptance. PET bottle chip market in general to the closing price of 7100 yuan / T. PET chip market supply is not, wait-and-see thick, waiting to settle the prices out.