Shouchu domestic cotton market summary

States would have Shouchu cotton, cotton is to hold the city to protect the interests of farmers. Cotton is now in the ordinary course of the real estate market volume is less than one-third of the Shouchu for cotton will play a crucial role in the city, why do not achieve the desired effects? I think the following two points: first of all cotton now in circulation City most of the packet, the packet is the carrier of the market, only Shouchu received no big shopping spree, Shouchu will be meaningless; Second, we know that the country The water storage of cotton have been provided for, Shouchu cotton storage also why the water requirements of Shouchu 8.5 below it? What is the basis? Shouchu cotton policy by the impact of external force has been deformed and distorted, Pan Lai’s cotton farmers are suffering the abyss, the primary concern has been the top priority of the “three rural” issue has become pale and can not afford.

Did not support the lower reaches of the textile, chemical fiber prices also affirmed, Pakistan cotton has dropped to 7,000 yuan / ton or so, the U.S. cotton prices in 9000 yuan / ton or so, the secondary domestic cotton yesterday Guapai Jia Wei bridge is 10,900 yuan / ton, the price of polyester Is the trend of domestic textile enterprises closed down more to reduce demand for fiber, polyester staple fiber glut of polyester prices eventually fall below 6,000 yuan / ton. Decline in exports, orders decreased efficiency decline, companies generally feel the pressure brought about by the market downturn. The companies surveyed believe that the United States this year, a weak export market dragged down the overall decline in exports, and the financial crisis of the EU’s impact is more apparent, the decline in demand, the rapid depreciation of the euro against the yuan, exports to the EU in the first half of this year’s high-speed growth difficult to sustain, More serious next year, which currently rely heavily on exports to the EU market driven enterprises will undoubtedly be adding a fatal blow. Enterprise, next year will be the most difficult times, surely there are a large number of small and medium enterprises closed down, it is estimated that next year’s textile and now only 20% or less next year, the largest cotton textile with 3,000,000 tons.

At present, the situation is very dangerous cotton, cotton prices fell rapidly, not only hurt the farmers is, in fact, the textile industry of the damage is huge, there is no reasonable stability in the prices of cotton textile enterprises will certainly not make the production and purchase and sale, the years of domestic cotton Enterprises and the state cotton reserves in fact the company did not have the pricing power of cotton, objectively speaking, does not recognize the futures market and the electronic matching of pricing and price indicators, the price is the market price indicators of a very important tool, is a market leverage, Bo can be played on April 2 heavy role in how well the country’s fiscal policy reserve funds to ensure that the proliferation of state-owned assets against inflation, the real has played the role of macro-control to ensure the protection of industrial development and smooth operation is the safety of Chinese cotton reserves total The main functions of the company and role.