Some description of skid needlepoint rugs on the stairs

Design features of modern minimalism, slip effect, suitable for use in spring and autumn. Specification: 65cm*24cm suitable for use under 85cm take longer. Any Board and platform needlepointization available. Tie: advance simple steps and fundamental sides of surveying and mapping. How to measure? “Install method” 1 will have to clean paved staircase. 2 tap blanket narrower than the staircase flooring, stairs, so the prior measurement good stair stepped placement of needlepoint rugs. 3 select the right location, first stair stepped needlepoint rugs keel of tape ripped apart, to paste. 4 stair stepped needlepoint rugs keel paste is finished, then back left and right ends of the stair needlepoint rugs paste a small piece of tape ripped apart. Stair needlepoint rugs and occupies a press 5 and needlepoint rugs surfaces to ensure that the installation firm, this installation is complete. “Routine cleaning” stair needlepoint rugs without daily cleaning, but after some time, such as objects or eluvial soil adsorbed on the surface of the needlepoint rugs, available vacuum cleaner to clean up or with a slightly damp towel to wipe the needlepoint rugs surface. In cases where the beverages such as coffee, Cola or accidentally splashing ink, watercolor, pigment on the needlepoint rugs, please use our distribution of cleaning agent cleaning can easily get rid of the stains, cleaning after use can be purchased in the company, price 8 Yuan/bag. “Gummed” cannot move protection on both sides adhesive tape made of natural materials (absolutely not to hurt the stairs staircase). Adhesive strong hair dryer available over time slightly heated, hand rubbing twisting, can easily get rid of. Bestiar company now facing the whole nation to launch a grand European home of popular “stair step needlepoint rugs”. Tap needlepoint rugs laying can avoid stairs, the stairs of scratches and excessive use, so as to extend the life of the stairs. The product also has limited slip functions, you can protect you and your family safe in the up and down the stairs, while excellent muted effect can also protect you from building up and down is sound interference. Product quality supervision institution-certified, not insects, antistatic, corrosion of molds, bacteria resistance, safety and environmental protection and never back down, easy cleaning and maintenance of properties, daily cleaning of the can save you time