Some profile and properties of nylon

Nylon is widely used in a variety of home textile products, especially used in needlepoint rugss, which not only made out of nylon needlepoint rugs quality robust and elegant. Nylon family has more than 20 kinds, classes are divided into: aliphatic PA (line nylon ALIPHAICNYLON), aromatic PA (ARAMIDNYLON), aliphatic PA varieties, its naming by the synthesis of specific number of carbon atoms may be. Main varieties are nylon 6 and nylon 66, absolute dominance, then nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 610, nylon 612, another nylon 1010, 46 nylon, nylon 7, nylon 9, nylon 13. New varieties has nylon 6I, special nylon MXD6 (barrier sexual resin),, nylon of modified sexual varieties number range, as enhanced nylon, monomer casting nylon (MC nylon) reaction injection forming (RIM) nylon, aromatic family nylon, transparent nylon, Gao Kangchong (Super toughness) nylon , power nylon, conductive nylon, flame retardant nylon, textile common nylon 6: it full name for poly has c first amine fiber, main for socks, and underwear, and movement shirt,, and nylon 66: full name for poly has second amine fiber, and nylon 6 similar , for making raincoat, umbrella, products. Nylon 66 hardness, high rigidity, but poor edge, variety of nylon by edge size sort of PA66/6< PA6< PA610< PA11< PA12 nylon of cross-section for round, also has triangle, its performance following: project performance fracture strength dry for 5.9—9.5 wet for 5.1—-8.0 rally strength 86000—134000 elongation rate for 16—28% back bomb rate 4% proportion 1:14 moisture rate 4.5% heat sexual 180 ¡æ softening melting point 215 ¡æ acid or alkaline 5% salt boiled decomposition , nitric acid sulfate cold concentrated hydrochloride central copies decomposition. dissolved sexual and the chemical sexual General solvent does not dissolved Yu benzene acid and the concentrated formic acid in the dissolved. dyeing sexual with dispersion and acid dye better anti-corrosion sexual resistance boring does not rot, long-term exposure, strong decline. color variable yellow