Stair needlepoint rugs fashion choices

With the home environment continues to improve, now more and more live penthouse, villas, stair has also become an integral part of the family. If the home has stairs, you will have the following worried? 1, and stairs Board paint surface had sliding, upper and lower building Shi also to care, has anti-fell to; 2, and stairs Board by long-term using Hou its surface was different degree of injury, then good of paint surface also stiff not long-term Stampede; 3, and for elderly and children, stairs itself on for they is security of hidden, moments reminded; 4, and upper and lower building Shi issued noise “THUMP ~ THUMP ~ THUMP ~”, effect to home other people of rest. Latest development of the stair needlepoint rugs cushion of great practical benefits. Design and technology in Europe. it is a symbol of taste of home! Decorate homes and practical, wear and noise; easy to clean and easy to install, the most important thing is to the effect of anti-sliding, make you more secure. Let your stairs more grades, and make your home more comfortable, warm and caring for your family members, to bring you more secure and comfortable living environment, making the space more intimate.