Summer life little helper

How to clean needlepoint rugss clean needlepoint rugss in summer what coup? Carpet the elasticity good, beautiful, is to take care of more trouble. However, as long as the time, proper maintenance, long service life of the needlepoint rugs. In summer, when used in strong direct sunlight should be avoided as far as possible, so as to avoid aging fade. Carpet fibers easily accumulate dust on the surface, should always use the vacuum cleaner dust along the smooth hair direction. Worth noting is that cleanup is never with dentate or rough edge tools, so as not to damage the needlepoint rugs fibers on the surface. If the wool needlepoint rugss conflict occurs, you can use clean towels immersed in hot water to clean, after using a comb to remove dead hairs straight pad wet with iron bushunmao iron, can be reinstated. In addition, if placing furniture on the needlepoint rugs, cushion or often moving furniture should be placed. Wash rice two or three times too much rice, rice will loss nutrition? Wash rice not too long, otherwise the adsorption of rice smell more, loss of nutrients, the better. Wash the feet of quick action, light, washes meters of water to fall as soon as possible, to two or three times the number of the most appropriate. Choose which tips home decoration lighting, how to choose the lighting? When you select the lighting, it is best to give priority to basic lighting. Such as, living room is hospitality places, requirements create a warm warm of atmosphere, can select bright, and rich of lamps, General to chandelier, and ceiling lamp, and Wall lamp mainly; living room is rest of home, select soft, and decoration sexual strong of lamps suitable, General to table lamp, and Wall lamp, and landing lamp mainly; children room requirements color gorgeous, for children created a lively and security of space, recommendations selection chandelier, and ceiling lamp. Toilet should choose simple, a waterproof function of lamps, General to wall lamps, Ceiling lamps; kitchen should select modeling simple, easy to clean, easy to clean light. In addition, the material should coordinate with the overall decor of the lighting. For example, beautiful crystal lamp shining express luxury style; lamps give a simple natural feeling of natural materials, we can own preferences to decorate. On the color match, should pay attention to light and color interact by combining light tones to create a required in different seasons.