Summer note automotive interior maintenance

Spring is the season of resurrection, so the Sun is shining, the air is so clear, rain so romantic of sth Even in the car of “viruses” are starting to show vitality. When we drove Ta certainly refuse to be to the point of point inside mould stain or smell destruction unit share this wonderful mood, this time, you need to check the health situation in the car. One of tanan: seat maintenance now seat basically divided into leather seats and fabrics seat two, its maintenance is not the same. Leather seats: Middle and high-class cars were leather seats, there are many drivers to install on their own leather seats, to comfortable, luxurious and noble, and a longer service life. Leather is a natural thing, maintenance of natural light cannot regard it. Chemical cleaning agent is not just spraying should use strong alkaline cleaning agent, such as SOAP and water, cotton towels dry after washing. Routine maintenance, in addition to known to avoid sharp object scratched leather, dust-proof sunscreen also note. Because dust is pervasive, natural oils in leather will be out, it will become a piece of dry skin. Burning strong sunlight causes skin aging, which apply equally to leather seats. Therefore, for the maintenance of the leather seats, to do the following several points: 1. automobile leather chair to two feet from the heat source as possible locations, such as heat source too close will cause leather splits; 2. do not expose to the Sun for a long time, so you can avoid faded leather, especially open Roadster friends, don’t pull the wind, damaged skin. 3. regular cleaning and maintenance, using vacuum per week to dust; 4. don’t use hair dryer to fast in a clean dry leather, cotton or soft paper towel dried, avoid scratched leather, or in a cool natural air dried. 5. avoid using chemical cleaning agent for cleaning. And less so-called leather protective agent, protective agents will make leather dependencies, such as stop using leather will be gloomy. Flannel seat: fabric seat, disposing of some relatively simple. Woven cashmere seat is not very dirty when available of the territory’s long hair brush and suction vacuum cleaner, and side brush seating surface, using vacuum cleaner suction dirt out. For particularly dirty seats, clean will perform the following steps: first used fur brushes to clean a dirty part (if larger dirt, rubbish, and so on), and then with a clean cloth dipped in a small number of neutral cleaning solution, in semi-dry case comprehensively wipe the seat surface (note the cloth must be wrung), and vacuum clean the seat again and to eliminate excess water. Transparent SOAP wash leather seats with a clean soft towel warm water immersion, SOAP regular uniform on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat (folds can be repeatedly wiping). At this point, the towel if it will become dirty, prove that decontamination is remarkable. Clean the ventilation drying finished SOAP, cleaning wet towels to clean without SOAP after it twice. This method of decontamination, leather clean fluffy, fresh again. This law also applies when the door interior plastic parts and gauges. The reason for this is SOAP (SOAP) decontamination is strong, and the human skin without stimulation, more practical to real leather. Tanan II: needlepoint rugs cleaning the car is most easily dirty needlepoint rugss, if you use the brush head cleaning machine for vacuum processing, you can make a dirty needlepoint rugs doesn’t look so dirty. For some more dirty needlepoint rugss, you can only use special detergent. Generally in the detergent to the two dust before work, and then spray appropriate amount of detergent, scrubbed clean with the brush, the last extra detergent suction off with a clean cloth can, so that after washing needlepoint rugss clean and soft as before. Most in need of attention is the immersion cleaning needlepoint rugss do not completely into the water, it will destroy several layers of different materials within the needlepoint rugs adhesive, which in turn can make needlepoint rugss in a long time to dry and effects using effects, caused by moisture in the car. Carpet cleaning up is more trouble, so the Agi suggest that you’d better stick with foot, if the foot is not very dirty, get outside the car and slapped on it. Different cleaning methods of stolen goods 1. blood purge. If it stained the needlepoint rugs, must not use SOAP or hot water to clear, because blood touched the solidification of SOAP and hot water will, with a wet cloth wipe in a timely manner, and in the blood drip a few drops of ammonia (ammonia water), wait a few minutes, then use the cloth dipped in cold water, wipe clean. 2. removal of stains. In the car while eating ketchup sauce, such as food, such as accidentally polluted the needlepoint rugs, or accidentally lipstick stains, such as printed on the needlepoint rugs and seats, available cold water soaked cloth, wipe, or gently wipe with a sponge, foam cleaner for cleaning, must not use SOAP or hot water to clean, wipe. Also must not use SOAP or hot water to clean stains left by the beverages such as coffee, Cola, ice cream, as signs of SOAP and hot water will be fixed on the seat surface, only the first rag on the leaching of cold water, wipe, and foam cleaning agent for cleaning. 3. removal of urine stains. Children urinary cast to the needlepoint rugs, with hot soapy water wet cloth wipe first, then uses the 1:1 will cover after the cloth soaked in ammonia water and cold water solution of wet places, take a rag in a few minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Handling vomitus is a hate thing, but one should as soon as possible. After this happens, first with paper towels absorb moisture in vomit, and then clear the solid substance, then dip cloth wipe again with warm SOAP and water, finally after the cloth moisten, wipe clean with a soda solution.