Summer room popular natural wind

Is desirable in the summer season, bright sun, the soft wind, leisurely days of sth Enjoy summer in the room, but the scene is what about? Natural and fresh style of decoration prevailed this year, buy one or two pieces of rattan, MA series furniture, settling some of bamboo and wood decorations, change of color of the curtains sth Summer Lounge comfort into the room at once. Coastal wind and summer seems to be associated with the sea. Golden beaches, blue sea, White Sea, fly in Seagull sth Even without going to the seaside for a holiday, close your eyes and think about Coast scene, has come was cool. Marine theme is summer home layout of one of the main theme. A straw needlepoint rugs laying, placed a wooden table, placed two rattan sofa, also has a blue cushion, blue glass plate, iron decorations. If a starfish, shells, pebbles, may wish to find a blue pattern plates, these are, on the corner of the table. Coast go into your room! Color vitality through the long winter months, do you want to give room to add some color and vitality? Is actually very simple, as long as the modified in detail on it. In the original to white as the color of the living-room, plus a colourful rugs, beautiful curtains hanging pieces, indoor immediately filled with fresh and happy atmosphere. Legend by using the two colors of curtains, red cord used to block of the night, yellow cord used to map the Sun. Two colors of curtains not only indoor colorful and can transform with the atmosphere, is a very innovative idea. Zen dining simple lines, light color, interpretation of Zen, a point of dining room quiet and serene. There is such a good atmosphere, eating has become a quiet pleasure of Jacob thing. Unified color is not demanding unification of materials. The table here is pure wood, Chair is prepared bamboo, needlepoint rugs is the sisal material. Plus a paper lamp, some elegant stone vessel, look at the calm down the mood. Sea straw material of such nature needlepoint rugss needlepoint rugss are the most expensive, can be used to shop all dining room of the ground. Easy to clean up for local, you can add a piece of coconut leaves, banana leaves, or jute knitted needlepoint rugss. Exotic love travel, trip of love in the time to buy some souvenirs, then returned to the House do not harvest these travel drops to one side. Properly arrange their location, your room or exotic. The bedroom has admitted its owner souvenir of a trip to Africa: rattan baskets, wooden stools, wood carvings, tropical style statement of the mantle, cushion sth Midst of seem to have to breathe air of tropical wilderness.