Super fiber—[DyneemaHB26]

Headquartered in the Netherlands the simandinima (DSMDyneema) company, research and development of Super fiber DyneemaHB26, countries competing mining used in the manufacture of military supplies. Super Super polymer polyethylene fiber DyneemaHB26 is unidirectional (UD) composites, its advantages of super tough and light, and high performance. Be very widely in the field of military supplies, such as army helmet, human body, explosion-proof protection device of the vehicle, mainly its rigid with superior flame resistance and protection. Zeng Ye tell you what is DyneemaHB26? DyneemaHB26 is super strong polyethylene fibers, is a unidirectional composite, made up of number Dyneema fiber layers, each layer of fiber direction is perpendicular to the layers of fiber. This one-way structure made from bullets or other threat impact conversion of energy, faster and more efficiently than traditional fabric along the fiber distribution. This composites have excellent mechanical stiffness and toughness, resistance to extreme temperatures and humidity performance, and better for ship protection of floating in the water. DyneemaHB26 Super PE fiber is the most light-weight of the material on the market today, to counter the impact including rifles (for example, AK47) and explosive devices (IEDs) provides powerful ammunition, threat protection. DyneemaHB26 what are the advantages? Dyneema? HB26 is a personal and unique lightweight composites provide superior blast protection of vehicles. Compared with the aromatic Nylon materials provide substantial weight, DyneemaHB26 increases the comfort and abrasion resistance of helmet, and auxiliary equipment such as armour or communications device should not be excessive burden. Composite itself also have excellent mechanical rigidity and toughness and resistance to high temperature and water, thus maritime army provides positive buoyancy. DyneemaHB26 has to resist spallation effects of a real weapon attacks, rather than against the small pieces of debris. States to make all kinds of military supplies in the army, (1) located in the South of India ordnance factory select DyneemaHB26 unidirectional (UD) composite manufacturing India mine protected vehicle device for military use. Super tough and light DyneemaHB26 has excellent flame resistance and high rigidity, excellent acoustics and fire-retardant properties, so as to ensure that the products of superior quality and protection. DyneemaHB26 will help India army from explosions and debris damage. Materials of light can increase the speed of vehicles, operability and greater load, and at the same time minimizing the negative impact on the vehicle. In addition, the DyneemaHB26 can also provide superior performance in wide temperature range, UV protection and acoustic absorbent and lower noise. (2) Korea Army made of DyneemaHB26 army helmet. Seoul SamyangComtech produces helmet, demand is 24,000. Compared with the previous Kevlar helmets, helmet weight reducing of using DyneemaHB26 20%, the Tokarev pistol trials (penetration testing) showed good ballistic performance. (3) Denmark Army car protection performance test for DyneemaHB26. “DyneemaHB26 to Denmark provided by the army in Iraq in all military guards are used. This new material solution has been tested with other materials, the results are proved to be best in weight and performance. It has undergone Denmark live ammunition tests in the correct protection level defined in the army. Army is satisfied with the new material, because it has proven its ability to protect life in the military conflict. Market demand and prospects: simandinima planning significant expansion DyneemaUD output of unidirectional composites in habeas corpus applications. The increased output of yarns and unidirectional material attached to expand the production base in Greenville of North Carolina. DSM Dyneema plans in 2009 the extended global UD production twice times to the present. In addition, in order to correspond to a bullet-proof fabrics market demand, the DyneemaUD (one-way bullet-proof cloth) capacity expansion revamping of production line, providing design and efficiency advantages, including the ability to have a complex shape, and you can easily use the standard equipment, such as compressors and water jet cutting machine for cutting.