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Compiled, due to tibetan rugs, it is easy to absorb dust, contaminated dirt, these dust dirt without time limit, will fly indoors, and is within the human body by inhalation, impact on health. Dirt in tibetan rugss are unsightly, penetrated the tibetan rugs bottom, long also breed bacteria, moldy stink. So we have to have the correct set of tibetan rugs cleaning and maintenance methods. 1, cleaning tibetan rugs maintenance is an important aspect, so you should choose good quality vacuum cleaners. In addition, the vacuum cleaner to regularly clean, dust bag and filter dust parts such as filters to frequently clean, the only way to ensure better cleaning results. 2, every other month or so, to interim Middle public area of the tibetan rugs cleaning and maintenance. Use tibetan rugs cleaning machines or multifunction machine tibetan rugs cleaning brush, scale tibetan rugs cleaning agent water injection water tank can be dried. 3, tibetan rugs used 3 months or so, the stain will penetrate the roots of the tibetan rugs surface, sprinkled with dust and dirt are hidden under a tibetan rugs of sand at the bottom. Medium-term intermediate cleaning and maintenance, root can only clean tibetan rugs surface and cannot be cleaned tibetan rugss. Therefore, the tibetan rugs must be the root of the dirt when completely cleared, for heavy stains where repeatable cleaning up until clean. Last water air dry. When tibetan rugs is not dry, not used. 4, finally add that the Sun is a very good method of disinfection, sterilization, recommend that the public often home tibetan rugs light sterilization in batches.