Tell you select skill of pattern fabric

Many of fabric suit, and in effect has a lot of difference in each suit. If you watch carefully, you’ll find that this is a subject of fun and learning. If the same lightness and chroma (color of fresh muddy degree) zhixia, plain look smaller, small cloth is larger, in cloth and taping is the largest, the pattern is a disturbing sight of, because the type of pattern many, it is difficult to unify description. Below, I’ll talk about the application of various colours and match. First, the plain: plain is the simplest, most easy to match in color, a person puts on all fit. But pay attention to the lightness and chroma problem. Plain plain is a color scheme: a preliminary distribution, easy look monotonous, but can still be measured out very concise and lively and good color, if plain coupled with colourful accessories may dispense with dull sense when plain cloth distribution, need to color of cloth, to reconcile, the effect will be even better. Second, the cloth: a small cloth is very pleasing color, it’s fresh and lovely, not too monotonous will not too rich and gaudy, various size are appropriate for wear, but still pay attention to the lightness of the problem. Colorful cloth or large printed cloth, not everyone is suitable for wear, because it has a great deal of diffusion will make people look chunky, unless you were high, thin, or be careful attempt. Cloth matching plain is very good, China based matching of colors of a color in the middle of plain fabric to edge better, unified sense of beauty. Cloth cloth distribution is more complex, not only tone to reconcile, between suits and suits cannot have too much contrast. Third, the taping: taping and striped cloth, like fall never popular. Fine grid is an advanced suit of major suit. Women wearing Plaid cloth history is quite long. Fine taping and taping of the lattice is not so obvious, just as easily as plain dressed in matching. While the large Plaid cloth and cloth similarly difficult to match. One hip fat women, there is no worse than wearing a brightly colored Plaid pleated skirt. Use of taping, you will benefit. A plaid jacket, or plaid jackets, almost most plain skirt or trousers. Four, patterns: pattern matching patterns, pattern matching Plaid, stripes, printing, was the highest level of distribution method, is not easy. But there is a secret, that is the color of the match in the maintenance of the same color, and harmonious, there should be no competition or exclusive sense each other.