Tenderness of the needlepoint rugs surface partner

Hairy needlepoint rugs shop on the ground in the living room, bedroom, study, no matter how you or sit, or lie at any time, not only decorated the room can make people feel warm feelings of flowers romantic. Oldest needlepoint rugss Siberian dynasty dates back to 2,500 years ago. While the real beauty of needlepoint rugs found in the West, to benefit from Marco • the Baltic Eastern expedition, he brought back the rug with an elegant design, rich color, exudes charm of Oriental sentiment and taste. And now on the market of needlepoint rugss can be divided into the following categories: the pure wool rug: high quality fine wool textile pure wool needlepoint rugss is formed, the hair quality and uniformly thick and elastic, feel soft, bright color, shape an exaggerated wealth to the personality, emphasis on handicrafts, represented the tendency of the new luxury. This type of needlepoint rugs prices higher, at least more than 500 Yuan/square meter. Imitation fur rug: sugary gloss, tactile silky fur, there’s room in the winter, its original wild striking charms are unmatched for other material. Simulation of fur texture good enough to pass for genuine, every fur show is a unique personality, expensive. Silk needlepoint rugss: hand-woven into needlepoint rugss, its fine texture, high gloss, will create different visual effects in a different light, but silk is not easy to paint, make it rich and gaudy colors and rich to be inferior to wool needlepoint rugs. Blended needlepoint rugs: to wool fiber and synthetic fibre blended together, on a texture, pattern, patterns and feel, and pure wool needlepoint rugss are very similar. If the wool fibers in which the ratio of 80%, synthetic fiber ratio of 20%, such a blended needlepoint rugss wear, insects, mildew, corrosion and other aspects are better than the pure wool rug, prices ranged from $ 200 to thousands of dollars. Carpet: nylon needlepoint rugs, the majority, its look and feel a bit like wool needlepoint rugs, is usually very wear-resistant and resilient, but also has anti-insects, anti-fouling characteristics, but is easy to produce static electricity, to heat.