Textile enterprises find many differences in spatial development of the road go

In the face of the grim situation, textile enterprises to look for opportunities for a variety of forms in space. Paul market in order to protect customers, security orders, some companies even below cost price of dumping products. Kai Zhang said that China International Textile and Accessories Fair has always guided the development of the industry’s mission, the low-price competition is not fair trade platform, but rather to advocate corporate product innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation, taking the difference of development Road.


Development of the textile industry shows that the technological transformation of whom do a good job, who’s innovative ability, and whose timely adjust product structure, who will have more opportunities. Even though under the influence of the financial crisis, due to reduced market demand, some small enterprises are facing shortage of Order, it is difficult to survive the situation, but some large enterprises are still to have to maintain the normal operation of enterprises of sufficient orders, turbulent trading environment in the circumstances, but appear Order to the concentration of large enterprises.


At a drop in demand, the orders continued to decline in prices at a number of small businesses unable to complete because of the cost of the Order, the large enterprises because of the internal potential well, to improve the process and management processes, but also has advantages of scale, but a more strong ability to receive orders. “Said Zhang Kai.


China Textile Industry Association, Du Yuzhou said the textile industry in recent years has been to advocate the contribution rate of science and technology and brand contribution rate. Those who pay attention to enhance the contribution rate of science and technology, brand contribution rate of the enterprises, in this round of economic cold have shown a strong antifreeze capacity and sustainable development vitality. “This is the future development of China’s textile industry hopes for, but also the development of the textile industry the way out.”