Textile enterprises were transferred to internal trade, to overcome all difficulties out of its predicament

The day before the International Gift Fair household goods cross-border closing days. WTO mall to a four-story exhibition hall, home to purchase gifts for the international buyers are not many, it is domestic agents, wholesalers, retailers and the general public to a lot. Some gift exporters informed that the current export business difficult to choose the domestic market, and perhaps enable enterprises out of difficulties.

And were transferred to internal trade is the last resort

Shanghai aimed Kyrgyzstan International Trade Company is a privately-run enterprises, in the past, including bedspreads, sheets, pillows, Zhenjin, home textiles and other products sold 100 per cent overseas. The exhibitors, the rental of four standard booths, the momentum is not small. One of the exhibitors, frankly, they never contacted the company past the domestic market, export business is really difficult, is a last resort to “find a way out of them.” Beijing chef-US economic and trade is a production and sales of stainless steel utensils Of the enterprises, there are all kinds of ribbons painted ceramic handles of stainless steel cutlery is very beautiful. Exhibitors told reporters that their company’s domestic market and tableware can see on the Korean tableware comparable to similar, past production of 90% of the domestic product, 10% of exports. Second half of last year, export more and more difficult, profit margins getting smaller and smaller. Always chasing the interests of the enterprise, since not earn any money, so effortlessly, the company decided not to export basically, to put all our energy on the domestic market.

Adapt to unfamiliar environment far from simple

For a long time engaged in export trade enterprises, suddenly enter the domestic market, is not an easy task. Some exhibitors that, Man Tiaodan not difficult, Nongbu Hao, turned to the gorgeous can not, there may be inverted lumbar sprain.

Anhui Hongrun Group was down on exports such as textile products of large enterprises, according to the group Wai Xiaoyuan Yaohan East, the last Group of the total export sales of more than 90% this year, drop down, is the target of 85 percent, The rest in domestic sales. But so accustomed to the foreign trade, domestic sales of a really smear the two, one of the unspoken rules and regulations will not clear up, which run into snags everywhere. He said the bitter sigh, the domestic market is the biggest problem was not standardized, such as the counterfeiting of our brands, Yicichonghao, such as arrears and San Jiaozhai. Kyrgyzstan exhibitors aimed personnel were also on the domestic market Yitouwushui a result of certain practices. She said that the participation of our main objectives is to find agents throughout, although the exposure of more than a dozen, but because the domestic credit system has not kept pace with the construction, it is difficult to understand the real situation of these agents. If not then with the goods to these agents is likely that the goods sold out, but seek no money back.

be out of its predicament

Since the second half of last year, due to the continued appreciation of the renminbi, energy raw materials prices, labor costs rise, the export tax rebate rate continuing to decline, the loan-to-crisis in the United States and international market demand sluggish, and many other factors, many domestic enterprises, especially labor-intensive products Production enterprises export difficulties. The face of difficulties, companies are make moves, including Zhuangong the domestic market. Some exhibitors, domestic exports to overcome the difficulties is one of the tricks, but only a clear understanding of their own, understand the outside world, can be gradually out of its predicament.

Sheng of Shanghai textile company which is engaged in a sheep blankets, clothing and other products Mianmao export enterprises. Faced with all kinds of difficulties, this enterprise is still not relax Yaoding exports, exports still have 100 per cent of all production. The company exhibitors Miss Yu But quite frankly, she believed that their companies to their capacity and international market more familiar with, deal with difficulties in the way. Therefore, when the majority of support it is difficult for enterprises, export volume of their companies, not declining sales margins, they are full of confidence on the future. This shows that exports to the domestic Baozhibaibing is not a panacea, which is the key to, proceeding from reality, rather than blindly follow suit.