Thai exports of textile products should be looking for other countries open up market

Home Textiles supplies mainly used for residential, bedroom, living room and kitchen decoration, including sheets, pillows, bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths, and the carpet inside, and so on. 10-year period 1997-2006, the Thai textile products exported to the U.S. market average annual growth rate of 16.3 percent, in 2007 the exports will slow down.

For 2008, Thailand is expected to textile products exported to the U.S. market will continue to slow down the trend in 2007, in addition to the strong baht currency led to China, India, Pakistan and other competitors of the home textile market in the United States on a larger market in the Additional important factor is that the purchasing power of U.S. consumers suffered economic slowdown and the fight against the dollar, to act to save their consumption, especially household decoration save the cost of residential areas.

These factors will not be able to avoid the Thai exports of textile products affected, because the United States is Thailand’s largest export market for textile products, home textiles products export in Thailand amounted to 350 million U.S. dollars in the possession of up to 38% weighting.

To this end, the Thai textile exporters should look for supplies open up markets in other countries, to diversify export markets, particularly the population Juju high purchasing power of the market such as the EU countries, as well as with Thailand signed a free trade agreement countries such as Australia and Japan, China in particular. In addition to China’s rapid economic growth resulting in high levels of growth, 2008 will also host the Olympic Games as the host country, will further push up the demand for high quality textile products to be used for decoration will travel to China to receive a large number of foreign tourists. Hotels and hostels.