Textile exports to the U.S. must meet the requirements of the United States and the new combustion Act

Recently, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of the United States “fabric flammability Act” (FFA) has been revised, the new Act will be held September 22 this year to enter into force.


In early l953 at the United States passed the “Act fabric flammability,” and in 1954 and twice in 1967 its been revised. Combustion of textiles into the United States must meet the performance requirements of the Act, or else will be punishable by a maximum fine of 1,250,000 U.S. dollars.


“Flammable fabric Act” includes 6 sub-regulations: for the general use of textiles 16CFR1610 provisions for children’s sleepwear 16CFR1615 and 16CFR1616 provides for 16CFR1630 carpet and mattress 16CFR1631 requirements and for the 16CFR1632. The amendments are mainly to do the job in four areas: First, an increase of confusing for some definitions of terms; second is the introduction of more advanced combustion test instruments; are three provisions of a more scientific tests like dry cleaning and cleaning the process of refining the test textile sample, test volume, the process of combustion experiments and experimental contents of the report; four combustion are the fabric of time, the fabric at the bottom of ignition and combustion judgments made more clearly defined.


At present, countries around the world step by step the combustion properties of textiles attention, the United States textile technical regulations on products are flame-retardant performance has extra emphasis, AQSIQ also called entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies around the export performance of flame-retardant clothing to carry out sampling. China’s textile exports to the United States a great quantity, only in 2007, Chinese textile exports to the United States 21.4 billion square meters, the value of 32.3 billion U.S. dollars, up 19.4%. Inspection and quarantine department recommendations related businesses as soon as possible become familiar with the new content of the combustion Act, timely adjust textile exports to the U.S. technical parameters, do a good job testing the products to avoid due to a technical update does not lead to timely and textile exports blocked.