Textile enterprises on behalf of the sponsors to apply for “no-tax export”

Furun Holdings Zhao Chairman of the Board recommended that the textile export tax rebate rate will be raised to 17%


Yesterday, the National People’s Congress, Zhejiang Furun Holdings party secretary, Zhao Chairman of the Board, told reporters that he proposes in the motion will be the textile export tax rebate rate from 15% to 17%, reaching 17 percent levy back 17 percent, “no export tax. ”


In his motion, he wrote: February 4 State Council executive meeting examined and approved in principle the planning to revitalize the textile industry adjust to the textile and garment export tax rebate from 14% to 15%, This is the planning of the only specific concrete preferential measures. But the industry generally reflect the short term 1% discount enough, the export tax rebate needed to improve, adjust there is room for revitalization planning.


“The market of 1% of the increase is not generally reflect the thirst-quenching, inadequate and fails to solve the existing problems,” he said, many experts and scholars believe that raising the export tax rebate are short-term relief rather than long-term solution.


Medium Zhao told reporters at the revitalization of the textile industry adjust plans, will be the people’s livelihood and the pillar industries and to reflect the situation at the financial crisis, employment is the focus of China’s macro-policy. Security of employment, it is necessary to insurance companies. Should now look from the perspective of people’s livelihood of these labor-intensive industries.


According to him, the textile industry are the most populous of China’s employment to absorb the tradition of manufacturing and labor-intensive industries, is directly related to around 25 million industrial workers in employment, and indirectly affects the livelihoods of one million farmers. By granting preferential policies to support the industry, the industry is no longer considered a “sunset industry”, but also allow more enterprises have confidence, thereby encouraging the industry to upgrade the changing development.


Severe this year the foreign trade situation so many members and representatives have proposed to raise the export tax rebate rate. CPPCC National Committee members, the letter of the Ministry of Development Research Institute, vice president of also said that further deterioration of the current export environment, it is proposed that the expansion of domestic demand, to further improve the tax refund rate for industrial products. From the second half of last year, China has increased 5 times the export tax rebate rate.