Textile knowledge encyclopedia (c)

Animal fibre three printing transfer printing: tropicalprint the first printing pigment printed on paper, made from transfer printing paper, then through high heat (heated pressure on the paper back) transferred to the fabric color, generally used for chemical fiber fabrics, is characterized by colorful, delicate, pattern is pure and artistry is strong, but the process is currently applies only to the few synthetic fibres such as polyester. Transfer printing process is simple, small investment, production flexibility. Topping: usually refers to in order to achieve the same effect (different composition) and dyeing process for more than two. Is typically used for GARMENT FINISH. Double dye: and correspond to the single-dye, generally refers to two different components of the two dye of dye, can be the same color or different colors. Usually used in blending fabric dyeing. Disperse dyes: small molecular structure without a water soluble non-ionic dyes gene on, presence of small particles in dispersants for dyes evenly dispersed in the water to enter the water absorption very small Tirana fiber dyeing purposes within reach, generally applied to dyeing of polyester fiber. Photo: chemical fibers under normal circumstances, with strong luster, but a lot of fabric does not require a strong light, so you want to go to the light. Alone in the spinning solution is added to agent (high dispersion of powder), destroy fiber surfaces, irregular reflection of light on the fiber surface to achieve the purpose of light. Common agent is titanium dioxide powder. General amount of 0. 5%–2%, adjust their dosage may be luster of different fibers. Pulling dye printing: washoutcolors (pulling dye) dischargeprint (pulling dye printing) selection does not resistance pulling dye agent of dye dye to color, drying Hou, with contains pulling dye agent or while contains resistance pulling dye agent of suit dye printing pulp printing, Hou processing Shi, printing Department to color dye was damage and Xiao color, formation color ground of white pattern or due to suit dye Shang dye formation of color pattern. Also called remove white or colored drawing. Reduction printing: the different process in the use of mixed or blended fabric fiber chemical-resistant nature of difference, by imposing burn remove local agent in fabrics printing method removes one fiber, leaving the other fibers to form a translucent pattern. Also called burning draft printing or burnt-out printing. Collapse printing: printing method in locally imposed on fabric makes fiber expansion or contraction of chemicals through appropriate handling, printing parts of fibers and fiber produced from non-printing parts expanding or narrowing of differences, to gain regular male and female flowers on the surface of products. Such as caustic soda for expanding agent for cotton printing crimp. Also called bump printing. Flat screen printing: printing stencil is fixed in the square and on polyester or nylon mesh with hollows out pattern (flower). On spending patterns through colorants, closed mesh patterns to polymer-free coating. When printing, flower Edition compact fabric, on flower Sheng colorants, scraper reciprocating blowing pressure so that color paste through pattern reaches the surface. Flat screen printing production efficiency is low, wide adaptability, flexible, suitable for small batch production of more varieties. Rotary screen printing: printing stencil is cylindrical with a cutout pattern nickel mesh, according to the certain order rubber guide belt above the loop runs, and can be synchronized with the conduction band rotating. When printing, color paste within the transportation network, remaining at the end of network storage, circular screen with spinning, pressed in bottom scrapers and scraping flower net relative pressure, colorants pattern fabric surface is reached through the Internet. Rotary screen printing is a continuous process, high production efficiency, advantages of both drum peace network printing, but in the fine and printing of color patterns of rich and gaudy also has limitations. Direct printing is made of dye transfer color paste directly printed on white or light-colored fabric formation patterns, process is simple, low cost, most application. Inkjet printing: busyprint knot dyeing: tiedye dyeing: spacedye pigment dyeing: pigmentdye pigment printing: pigmentprint also called pigment printing, due to the pigment is water-soluble colored substance, no affinity for fiber, their coloring can keep filming of macromolecular compound (adhesive) coating and adhesion to fiber effect to achieve. Pigment printing is available to any fiber textile processing, in the blend, weaving the printing of more superiority, and simple technology, a wider color spectrum, flower-shaped contours clear, but feel poor rubbing fastness is not high.