Textile market is still in the peak season is not a state-wang

In the face of recession on the lower reaches of the general situation in post-polyester chip prices also fell in the channel, so far East China market polyester filament Ban Xiaoguang class section of the general offer and acceptance contract price was reduced to the 8950-9300 / Tons and 8950-9250 yuan / ton, the price lower than before 400-500 yuan / ton, prices range from the point of view, the market still offer a bit confusing, we have differences of views on the market.

Downstream, the textile market is still in the peak season is not busy, blocked the export, the domestic textile industry is still very passive, despite the rise in export tax rebates, and the country is expected to support the introduction of the new policy, but so far the textile enterprises are still faced with very Pressure, particularly pressure on the funds, so severely affected by the demand for raw materials. Polyester production and marketing of the rate in the near future has been hovering at a low level, lower prices, the price of polyester chip in addition to allowing no choice. Upstream, crude oil prices have fallen sharply, polyester raw material prices are generally significantly lower than the emergence of the cost of a direct impact on a substantial decline in the price of PET chips down. From the point of view of supply and demand, on the one hand, as a result of the early drop in raw material prices higher, the production of polyester profit increased operating rate rise, but prices generally fell in the upper reaches of the cases, the downstream manufacturers of polyester chip purchases are more cautious about the performance of the Demand in a weak position, polyester chip manufacturers to increase inventory, so the impact of supply and demand of the polyester chip prices lower. This is estimated that the current situation of supply and demand of raw materials and market situation, polyester chip prices are also vulnerable based.