Textiles Committee of the National Standard worsted wool branch of Jiangyin in the Sunshine Group

Jiangyin work of the technical standards have added a new bright spot. October 26, 2008, the Standardization Administration of China approved by the National Standardization Technical Committee of textile spinning wool at the Group of the Technical Committee set up in the sun, the Secretariat also at the same time in the sun. Vice-Mayor fee to attend the ceremony.

This is the Sunshine Group, last year became the first to bear the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee ISO/TC38 textile work of the Secretariat of the enterprise, was another award. From 1997 onwards, the sun on the active participation of wool textile industry standards related to the revision of the system so far, a total of 24 countries to participate in industry-standard system for the revision of the domestic railway, aviation, the General Administration of Customs, public security and other industries have also commissioned Sunshine’s uniform standards for the drafting of fabric. Last year, the sun made a declaration of national standards 5, 3 of which are the sun to declare independence in the name of “semi-worsted wool”, “Jingcu woven wool,” and “all-round easy care wool combing” 3 to fill the domestic standard, International blank. The establishment of worsted wool at the Technical Committee is engaged in the field of wool worsted wool worsted national standardization of the technical work of the organization, responsible for the worsted wool of the National Standardization Technical Working focal point.

Flat fee adhere to the requirements of Sunshine Group of independent innovation and brand management, technology and standards of integration itself into a leader of the international textile industry, the world is full of sunshine, eager to chase the sun and the sun. In the future, the two secretariats should give full play to the role of leading the Chinese domestic textile industry’s technological progress in the international exchange of technology to break barriers to trade to help Chinese textile products in the global competition to obtain the right to speak, around the world to promote the standardization of textile Work to flourish.