The 12th textiles fair PE of Lu Yu cold

Of the 12th CIFIT as an important part of the third Asia Investment Fund Summit held recently in Xiamen. At the meeting, a lot of Web site editors truly feel a return to the textile industry in the winter. The theme of this summit is to help companies win PE, VC’s favor, and the ultimate realization of the listing, the speech of the guests have to PE, VC investment institutions and intermediaries based. In the keynote speech of the guests, introduced the most successful operation of their business case and to see how the market looking for suitable investment institutions to do a good job, as well as listing all the pre-prepared to do a detailed analysis of the response from the audience to , On the information they have certain advantages. However, there is only one exception to the industry.

Of the 12th CIFIT as an important part of the third Asia Investment Fund in the summit on September 8 in Xiamen held.

As guests of the presiding director of Carlyle Group Chao, in his keynote address, stressed that their operations cover a wide range of investment line is the industry going forward. But when the meeting ended, a lot of editing its Web site in exchange asked about his prospects for investment in the textile industry how to look, he gave his speech with a theme that runs counter to the answer: “We are still investing in new industries, Manufacturing, consumption and new agriculture. “Evaded the issue of the textile industry.

The same issue decided just to throw Hong Yue Media Group’s chairman Zhang Jie, also received the same answer. In his view, would prefer to vote in the manufacturing and service sectors, but also do not want to vote for the textile industry, “because winter is the textile industry, the prospect of unpredictable.” He believes that each industry may have a cycle, but, the textile industry in a slump, in terms of capital for the bad times.