The construction of a new round of competition in the industry as gaming brand

Brands building materials in China has experienced a financial crisis after the shock, continued to show momentum of rapid development, but & # xe9; galement been a number of problems hindering the development of industry in the new competitive environment, the material, make, how to survive, such as d & # xe9; veloppent how the next round of play of the brand’s face is large group of Chinese materials, the proposed brand collective.L ‘construction, the effects of turbulence constructionIndustrie building materials industry is one of the most important sectors of material production to the economy that has improved with the National Development & # xe9; CONOMIC whole, the lives of people make a connection. Since 2001, China entered a new round of macro-economic cycle of expansion, the construction is closely related to the “level of investment in fixed assets (ISP) Result more than 15% growth rate remains high, so that the value of the run and the entire construction industry also profits by 20% fluctuations at high speeds. accelerate the development and construction industry of building materials, impact on the market under the brand mesure.Surcapacité certain building materials industry of open questions in the formation of industrieAujourd’hui, building materials can be said to exist “overcapacity & # xe9;” phenomenon. “overcapacity” has two aspects: first, the entire continuum of care for a certain period of aggregate demand is relatively insufficient, the other is the overall demand for certain period of aggregate supply relative value. Given the overcapacity production companies Building Materials from here? “In this competition, the flood, how to use their products to consumers of all ages. For their products to the concerns of the construction, it is urgent for all building materials penser marks. L building material industry and brand well known that the opportunities and défisOnzième Five-Year Plan “Investing in infrastructure is not on the plate, highways, railroads and other investments in the Infrastructure construction in general, the growth of civil construction spending and the beginning of a sustainable growth of the construction industry is on the upswing of the economy. Meanwhile, strengthen the construction of energy-saving society and the country’s capacity of independent innovation, energy efficiency and technological innovation will be, my point chaud.D development of industrial energy-saving building materials that respect the environment in an explosion of low-intensity & # xe9; low-carbon economy in the new coquelucheRécemment conference on global climate change in Copenhagen on this issue has been the focus of the economy with low carbon. Regarding the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee recently held meeting, the ne need to strengthen the activities emphasized effectively save energy to reduce emissions, Stä ; gain of the system of liability & # xe9; to accelerate energy-saving environmental protection, the construction of key projects, and was again active in climate change. The industry believes that the economy with low emissions of carbon monoxide on the future of the long march of gravity & # xe9; current short-term benefit should pay their attention to the conservation of energy, environmental protection, stringent requirements necessary are to strengthen the mat & # xe9; Rial new chemicals, new building materials, non-ferrous metal materials. Some experts said that the focus of attention next year, is one of the more the economy of China, whether China will make their way to a low carbon transition. The materials of the construction industry will also formulate closely with the market surveillance environment, appropriate marketing strategies, while saving energy is environment-friendly materials, the brand that the market is all â ges.Designers National & pr bound # xe9; delegated selection of recommended materials, the low value of the trademark green carboneTout recently, low & Services # xe9; s locally in China, building materials industry and Designers design of the China International Fair started fifth of the art of “Designer of” The years 2009-2010 and recommended materials preferred brand selection activities are the review of intensive use is The environment of low carbon dioxide emissions are not Mou and co-evaluation is an important indicator for the brand with the green matter in the & # xe9; state of the industry said that this choice setting up a special environmental award in welcomes the recognition of the environment played for the materials of the construction industry, a role in the brand, also on the graduate designers will also be an important indicator of designer brands, this choice does such as materials in the leading sectors in the design process using an important role in the design, eco materials, transporting materials, design concepts will be the demand for the brand a huge impact design choose to recommend the importance of the division, the brand is expressed as a privileged access to the creator of the brand represents the height of the market and the awards are in recognition of clients.Choice a bathroom, furniture, stone, lighting, l ‘& # xe9 divided, lighting, carpets, furniture, glass, wallpaper, textiles, and nine other directions. Tens of thousands of national brands in the choice of materials to the nine major industries in the top 10 brands influential, is an enormous and complex task, as the organizing committee based on the official just said that to trigger a wave of material that selection of healthy competition in the branded and brand appeal to enterprise applications, competitiveness in the market, the technological level of products, # xe0, welcomed the environmental performance of national and international designers, the degree of influence and to make as comprehensive in the industry to strict scrutiny, and we voted, we strive to China for the materials industry, the industry’s leading brand in the industrial restructuring of the Chinese Building Materials & jou # xe9, a very good advertising. Read suiteCatégorie: See Standard category Comments